Self-Published Sunday David Alderman Black Earth- The Broken Daisy

Hello and welcome to another Self-Published Sunday. Today we start off with the second novel from David Alderman in the Black Earth Series, The Broken Daisy. This novel is a bit longer than usual, 527 pages, but it
seems to go quicker than most I have read lately. David Alderman has put
together a sci-fi/paranormal /futuristic rollercoaster ride that just does not
want to leave your hands. The pages turn quickly and the action is furious.

Here is the synopsis of the novel: ”The stars have fallen, and the world is tilting into darkness... "From dust you came, to ash you go." - These terrifying words are found spray-painted on an office wall in
Tucson. It is a message left by Legion, an otherworldly entity that traveled to
Earth in the fallen stars. Now Legion is enveloping the world in darkness,
disintegrating almost everything in its path, leaving nothing to stand in its
way of the planet's destruction. Nathan Pierce is on the run for forging the
president's mandatory barcode tattoo. With a bounty on his head, Nathan finds
an unexpected ally in Cynthia Ruin, who agrees to help him save his sister,
Daisy, from being executed for treason. But Cynthia's mother, Theresa, is the
one who betrayed Nathan and Daisy. Surrounded by suspicion and doubt, Nathan
struggles to stay one step ahead of the world that's against him, and keep tabs
on Cynthia, who may or may not end up selling him out in the end. In the midst
of the darkness, those still alive are forced to fight against Legion's malevolence
or lose their humanity beneath it.”

I didn’t mind starting at number two instead of numero uno; I do that sometimes and really find it to be fun. Backtracking has its own benefits. The plotline of The Broken Daisy is unique; the
characters are engaging and this is a strong novel, one I am happy that I had
the opportunity to read. Legion, Nathan, Cynthia and the rest of the Black
Earth gang are a complex, intriguing, cast of characters. I was totally caught
up in the entire plotline and was focused on the outcome, turning pages in a
fury, trying to race to the ending. David Alderman has put together a winner
here and I hope that you will support this author. My best suggestion is not to
start at number two like I did, but go after both: grab End of The Innocence ,as well as The Broken Daisy and double your pleasure.

Newsflash from David: For more info and links to purchase my books in paperback and digital formats, check out my website at There you can also purchase
autographed copies of my books, stay up to date on events going on – like book
signings – and sign up for my free email newsletter. The next project I am
working on is a young adult sci-fi/fantasy series that runs parallel to my
Black Earth series. I will be releasing the first three books in this series in
Summer/Fall of 2011.,,

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