The Alexander Steele File - Confidential

The Alexander Steele File - Confidential

 Alexander Steele Dossier 

Race - African American

Born - Philadelphia Pa

Age - 34

Height 6' 1"

Build - Athletic

Profession - Private Investigator  

Weapons of choice -  Glock 19, Ruger P90 and MP 5 long gun (sub machine gun)

Auto -   2012 Jaguar XKR-S and Ducati Diavel

Languages - Spanish

Vices - None

Weakness - Girlfriend Shakia Spencer

Hobbies - Chess

Watching sports - Sixers, Eagles,


Activities - Jogging and (sparing) Boxing

Auto - 2012 Jaguar XKR-S and Ducati Diavel 

Steele has solved cases from Mexico to Montreal Canada but prefers to work closer to his home town of Philadelphia.

Note : Alexander Steele is considered semi retired.  Two years ago he opened a private club in Mt. Airy called the Inner Sanctum.

Keeping Up with Philly's famous Detective Alex Steele

Steele had gotten wind of a feud between two rival drug lords in Philly.  Under normal circumstances he wouldn’t have given a rat’s ass about a local drug war.  His first though was "another drug war.   Let them kill each other, hell, I’ll even supply the bullets," but this time things were different.  
When a rival drug lord managed to infiltrate then taint his competitor’s shipment with a deadly, odorless poison Steele had no choice but to intervene.  If his friend and club manager Sugar Bear had his way Steele would have turned down the Case of the Death Dealer and thousands of innocent people would have died.

Without a doubt the most changeling case was also the most deadly.  Up until then life had been good for the retired Alex Steele.  Before the Death Dealer and the Case of the Deadly Ring, in the very beginning of  Blackout Steele relaxed as he breathed in the warm air and took in the view of Christ the Redeemer from his hotel room’s balcony.  It was Carnival in Brazil a time for him to recharge his batteries and reflect on his life.  Had Steele know what laid ahead upon his return he may have chosen to extend his vacation.

Steele’s menacing foe was a deranged but brilliant madman known only as Chameleon.  Steele had never read The Art of War but was familiar with the phrase “know your enemy.”

 It was a painstaking process for Steele as his most ruthless foe expanded their mental chessboard from the streets of Philadelphia to the world.  Chameleon racked up the body count as Steele tracked him to four countries and attempted to get inside the mind of this deranged psycho.  The who, what, why, when and how were answers that a befuddled Steele found hard to come by.  Logic as well as Steele’s target Chameleon was equally elusive and time was quickly running out.  

The future of the United States as we know it was about to come tumbling down.  If Chameleon had his way America would become a third world country in very short order.

Steele was making headway; he had started to put the pieces together when this high stakes game took another surprising twist.  Steele the hunter has now become the hunted.  He was Chameleon’s prime target. 

Michael Ealy

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