“I don’t believe it. It’s only been three days and already there are several companies interested in my ideas,” Preston said, stretching to loosen the kinks in his back.

“See, I told you that you could do it.” Tabitha looked up from her book and grinned. “Preston Davison, soon to be king of website design and a multi-millionaire.”

He snorted derisively. “Not hardly but at least if anyone actually hires me it will keep us in beans and rice.”

“More like steak and caviar.” She shot him a look. “You’ll get hired and probably be so busy you won’t have time for anything else.”

“That, Tabby Cat, is the whole idea. I’m beginning to get cabin fever; I need something to keep me occupied.”

“Pres, someday you’re going to have to leave here.” She held up a hand to stop him before he could say anything. “I’m not talking about moving out; I just mean you can’t spend the rest of your life cooped up this apartment. It’s not good for you for starters.”

“And going out is? Tabby have you looked at me recently? I go out in public I’ll give some old woman a heart attack or scare kids so bad they’ll be having nightmares for the next six months.”

Instead of answering immediately she got up and went over to him. Cupping his face in her hands she studied it. “No, you’re not an Adonis any more I’ll give you that. And yes it’s a bit Phantomesque. But there are ways to get around it at the moment. It’s still fricking winter out there so you can legitimately get by with wearing a ski mask.”

He thought about that. “I suppose,” he replied hesitantly.

“No supposing, we’re going to do it. Since I’m off today and not even on call we’re going to bundle up in our warmest clothes and…and go to the park for starters. So get that fine ass in gear Pres.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something? Where are we going to get this ski mask?”

“It just so happens that I own one from back when I actually had time to take a vacation and go somewhere to hit the slopes. Now don’t you laugh, I really did do that, you don’t have to be thin and svelte to ski. Hell by the time you get layered up everyone looks like me.”

He stood so he could wrap his arms around her. “How many times do I have to tell you you’re beautiful just the way you are?”

“At least as many times as I have to tell you the same thing. You have a beautiful soul Pres and that is what counts.”

“Yeah, well.” He kissed her forehead before releasing her. “Let’s bundle up and go play on the snowy swings, or something.”

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