The G-Zone's Giovanni Gelati: Unleashed and Naked!

"Yup, he's a big guy!"

I spend up to two months in Italy per year, but I rarely eat gelato. It upsets my stomach. However, there is a sweet alternative to Italy's ice cream, and that's Gelati.
Giovanni Gelati, that is.
Anything but vanilla flavored, this man who hails from New Jersey has not only become one of my most ardent supporters, he's also become a very good friend (even if we have yet to meet one another in person). He runs a great blog for writers and readers called, well, Gelati's Scoop (go figure!) and a popular daytime blog talk radio program coined, The G-Zone. Obviously Giovanni knows no limit to his tongue-and-cheek media titles. A tall, strapping, good looking dude, he's the kind of guy you can sit down with over cappuccino to discuss the Ancient Greek tragic mythology inherent in German author Max Frisch's, Homo Faber, and then soon after switch to beer while trashing the New York Football Giants backfield ("Yo, Vin let's hit a strip club!"/ "Right on G-dude, we gotta empty out a cash machine first!") . Exactly the type of dynamic person I am lucky enough to meet on special occasion and whose friendship will last me a lifetime.

But enough of my yacking....Gelati, it gives me great pleasure to unleash your wisdom upon the reading public:

...Get the rest of the naked scoop at The Vincent Zandri Vox





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