I was invited to be the guest author at a local ladies book club this past week. I don't mean "ladies" in a demeaning or male chauvinist sort of way. By "ladies" I just mean that no men are invited to this particular book club. And because no men are invited the ladies like to dress up the way they want, drink what they want (and a lot of it!), and chat loudly about whatever they want, whether it has to do with books or not.

This group of women were for the most part all married, 50ish with kids either graduated from or just about to graduate from college. They were college educated, funny, sincerely interested, seriously interesting, collegial and just plain nuts....in a good way.

The books for discussion were my latest, The Remains, and a not so oldie but a goodie, Moonlight Falls. We also discussed the transition of As Catch Can to The Innocent, which was just recently re-published by StoneGate Ink. We talked about the ending of Moonlight, the twist that no one has yet guessed and that has many people talking. We spoke about the haunting theme of The Remains and how, despite its scary plot, it's also a good read for Young Adults. We spoke about my spending a night and two days locked up in Sing Sing Prison back when I was researching The Innocent....

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