Of the three novels I have just released on Kindle this one has been selling best.  I have no idea why that should be.  Is it the cover?  Or is it the description of the book?


MASUDA AFFAIR is the follow-up on CONVICT'S SWORD.  In CONVICT'S SWORD, Akitada loses his small son, and his marriage crumbles.  Fans have objected to this much tragedy.  Stubbornly, I went on to show Akitada himself disintegrating in the following novel.  He becomes obsessed with raising a mute and abused foundling, a boy the age of his lost son, as his own, in spite of the fact that he is quickly arrested for kidnapping and accused of sexual child abuse.  Of course, there are also murders (and an earthquake) but, contrary to the rules, the first body doesn't appear until much later in the novel.


You may read all about it by going to Amazon.

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