Seen the news about the women who were rescued by the Turkish police yesterday? Remind you of anything? Like The Murderers’ Club perhaps? Please note, if you haven’t read The Murderers’ Club yet, this blog contains some spoilers!

So, I got a phone call from my husband today asking if I’d seen the news about the women who’d just been rescued in Turkey. Turns out they thought they were part of a Big Brother-style TV show, only to find out that the whole thing was a scam. Instead of broadcasting to millions of TV viewers, their scantily clad images were being streamed online, to paid subscribers. I presume these subscribers didn’t have usernames like AmericanPsycho, BlackWidow, NeverCaught and DialM…but who knows?

Anyway, just found it striking how similar it was in concept to The Murderers’ Club. However, luckily for the Turkish women a much nicer fate awaited them (than the grisly end my characters faced).

How bizarre, huh?!

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