Where in the World is H.P. Lovecraft?

Dorchester Publishing, which recently sold it's list of book titles to Amazon.com, has a problem. They're trying to contact some of their authors so they can return the publishing rights. They've enlisted you, the reading public, to assist. So check out this link and review the list to see if anyone you know is on it. Among the authors who are missing in action are Robert Louis Stevenson and H. P. Lovecraft. I wish them luck in their search. They'll need it.

Dorchester Publishing Trying To Transfer Rights Back To Authors

Celebrating Sherlock Holmes

Kirkus Reviews has posted an article celebrating 125 years of Sherlock Holmes. For more than a century the English detective has been entertaining mystery fans in print, radio and film. Here's hoping to see another 125 years of this extraordinary crime fighter.

Read the article here: Sherlock Holmes at 125

Whitby Library Mystery Celebration continues through November

If you're a fan of Canadian Crime fiction (and you should be) the Whitby Library in Ontario continues its celebration of mystery novels with a visit by Vicki Delany and Elizabeth J Duncan. Vicki is one of my favorite authors, creator of the Molly Smith mystery series.

For details, check out the link: Whitby Library Celebrates Mystery Novels

The Ultimate Cold Case?

Police may have a difficult time finding clues in these unexplained deaths, despite the assistance of some of the world's finest forensics experts. The man and woman were found at the bottom of a well.  Most of the evidence has been destroyed, which is to be expected. The pair perished 8,000 years ago. Read more at the link below:

A Very "Cold" Case

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