TITLE: The Trojan Project
AUTHOR: Eileen Thornton

COPYRIGHT: Eileen Thornton
FORMAT: Paperback
GENRE: Fiction
PAGES: 292
PRICE: $12.99 (US), £8.99 (UK)
ISBN-10: 1905609094
ISBN-13: 9781905609093

Imagine…you’re waiting for your husband to come home from tending the sheep. Out of nowhere appears a green flash in the night sky. It’s followed by a strange green mist. You hear your friends and neighbors in the valley below screaming with fear. Then there is total silence. You feel so helpless since you don’t know what’s happening.

Imagine…waking up with death all around you. What were green fields and lawns are now burned but there wasn’t a fire. What would you do? You gather your children and the family dog to leave. You have to let someone know what’s happened. Right? Why was your house and family spared from this tragedy? Where is your husband?

What would you do? Would you travel to the police station to let the authorities know what happened? Yes. That’s a good idea. Along the way you find a man lying, almost dead, in the middle of the road. His flesh is melting away but he manages to speak in a whisper, “he’s dead.”

You finally arrive in the town of Wooler and hurry to the police station there to tell them your unbelievable tale. After you finish the tale the unexplainable happens. The military raids the police station! Why would this happen? As soon as they are raided, you know what you have to do. You have to get to your parents house in London. Your father has a high position. He’ll know what to do. At the same time, a young constable finally believes your story. He drives you and your little family there.

The family, dog and young constable quickly get under way only to find the military hunting them down. They take every back road and farm lane that they can think of to get to their destination.

This fast-paced book is packed with twists and military roadblocks at every intersection of every road. This book also has deception, lies, revenge and a government cover-up. This taught thriller will make every reader think the same question. What’s really going on?

To find out more about the author or to order The Trojan Project, please visit her website at: http://www.eileenthornton.co.uk

Reviewed by Deb Hockenberry

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