True Story: A Bizarre Coincidence Following a Palm Reading

Earlier this month, I had my palm read at a party by a professional. That is to say, she was hired to read palms at this party. Right away, she had lots to say about my writing - despite my not telling her about it.


Bizarre coincidence or something else? Were there really life-changing revelations in the lines of my palm? I can't say for sure.


What I can say is the brow-raising didn't end there. Soon thereafter, fellow Trestle Press author Alexandrea Weis sent me a message. She asked me for an opinion on her latest short story, Eyes on Tomorrow. It's the third in her NOLA series (i.e. New Orleans, Louisiana).


The topic? Palm reading.


Mind. Blown.


Granted, the palms in this story are on the feet instead of the hand. That's right. Foot palm reading. I'd never heard of such a thing.


Neither had Harry Elliot, the short story's hapless protagonist. He's a corporate drone who tosses astrology and fortune-telling into the void that is his life. He's on the paying side, though, a sap who'll put cash down for any flicker of the future.


Along comes someone who offers Harry a foot palm reading session. It's the most accurate reading Harry's ever encountered. What happens next will change Harry forever, starting with a loud chew-out of his boss.


There's a sinister lesson here. One about putting too much faith in people who'll do anything for a buck. Author Weis frames the story like an episode of The Twilight Zone. I can almost hear Rod Serling narrating the openings of each scene.


Check out Eyes on Tomorrow, available for under $1 on Amazon for the Kindle. You'll get the full experience of a palm reading without the "hellish" price tag.

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