I'm very adamant on the Internet and elsewhere that I don't believe in the notorious “writers block.” Most former journalists and newspaper people will agree with me. We couldn't couldn't look up at the editor in despair and whine, “I don't know, sir. The words just aren't coming to me right now.” That doesn't fly when there are column inches to fill and lay-out people impatiently tapping their toes. Writers block = pink slip.

What I DO get are diversions. Here is my Top Ten list:

  1. Housework is suddenly more compelling than writing the next chapter.

  1. The cat is sitting in front of my computer screen and I can't bear to disturb her.

  1. Hoping for a phone call—from anybody, even a telemarketer.

  1. I need to finish a book because (a) It's overdue at the library; (b) I must return it to a friend; or (c) it will turn into dust. Could happen.

  1. What's in the refrigerator that wasn't there ten minutes ago?

  1. Tea break!

  1. Must plan next year's vacation NOW.

  1. The desk needs organizing. I can't work on a messy desk (yeah, right).

  1. The sun's out. Vitamin D is important. So is sunscreen as I lounge by the pool.

  1. BLOGGING. Ha! Tell me that's not a productive use of my time. You're reading this so you're guilty too!

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Comment by Sunny Frazier on December 26, 2010 at 5:29am

Oh, email is SUCH a temptation to divert me from work! In my case, it's often full of queries and marketing sites so I find ways to justify it. All the jokes? I put them in a folder and open occasionally when I'm truely bored.

My real time-waster are these casino slot games I downloaded (NOT from the Internet!). Amazing how much money I make and how lucky I am! Went to a real casino yesterday and somehow it's not the same. Walked away $40 poorer.   

Comment by Stephen Brayton on December 18, 2010 at 12:30am

Ah, don't forget the ever present, "Gotta check my email one more time because someone interesting might have sent me a message...oh, it's just my company telling me I have spam again."

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