Working on final revisions of the next DI Horton marine mystery crime novel, number eight in the series

Yes, I am now working on what I hope to be the final revisions of the next DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel, the eighth in the series. It is at this stage that I review the phrases and words I've used and those I've over used and try and replace them for something else and possibly a word more evocative, emotional or stimulating depending on the situation!  Thank goodness for 'Find' on Word, makes an author's life a lot easier!

Next I will need to read through the novel in one sitting if possible, or two at the most to check that I have not repeated myself, a very easy thing to do. I'll also check the story line and double check that all the clues are in place and the plot and sub plots hang  together. The latter is quite difficult because I am now at the stage where I know the novel so well it is difficult to spot the holes. If possible I will take a break from the novel for a week and hopefully go back to it with fresh eyes, but I find it very hard to take that break.  Perhaps I'll start working on the next DI Horton, or that new thriller I keep promising to write. Anyway lots of ideas bubbling away in the back of my mind.

Getting back to DI Andy Horton number eight, I am now ready to write the blurb and I must turn my focus to that ever elusive title.  I have a couple of ideas for a title in mind, just need to see if they sound right.

Meanwhile the publication of DI Horton number nine - A Killing Coast - draws near.  A Killing Coast will be published by Severn House in hardcover in the UK on 26 January and in the USA on 1 May 2012.

Pauline Rowson will be helping to celebrate National Libraries Day on Saturday 4 February when she will be at Portsmouth Central Library between 10.30am to 12.30pm.

She'll be talking about her marine mystery crime novels and thrillers which are set in the Solent area, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, and there will be the opportunity to win signed copies of her books with a murder mystery quiz hunt for clues around the library, and the chance to be named as a character in one of her forthcoming DI Horton crime novels.

Tickets cost £3.00 and can be purchased at any library in Portsmouth or by contacting

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