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At 3:27am on April 29, 2009, David L. Hoof said…
Hi, Alafair,
Although not encouraged by Philip, neither was I discouraged to contact you re; a new novel. My latest was in fact blurbed by Senator John Kerry while running for president, so I don't think this a reach. My latest, Triple Jeopary, is a satiric caper edgier than Carl Hiassen. If your interested in a review copy I can send one along. All the Best,

At 12:38am on September 21, 2008, Alafair Burke said…
Best of luck!
At 5:01am on September 20, 2008, David L. Hoof said…
For the record, Philip is now reading my (very different) post-Katrina New Orleans novel. Read Jim's Tin Roof Blowdown and liked it, but its subject matter is rather different: mine's a political/terrorism thriller with a feisty female protagonist.
At 7:05am on September 9, 2008, Brian McGilloway said…
Hi Alafair

I really enjoyed the Samantha Kincaid novels - looking forward to Angel's Tip. Any plans on an Irish/UK visit anytime soon?
Best wishes
At 12:16am on August 20, 2008, Dana King said…
Since we're both thinking on it, Declan Burke has a different approach to blog posts here and on his blog. He writes up a brief synopsis of the week's highlights over at Crime Always Pays, and posts it here, with a link to CAP. Of course, he's posting 15-20 times a week. No way I'm doing that.
At 3:19am on May 13, 2008, Simon Avery said…
Hi Alafair,
I just wanted to say hi. I'm a big fan of your work.
All best wishes, Simon
At 2:28pm on October 15, 2007, Jason Pinter said…
Actually, my pen name was going to be Dirty, Rugged and Gun Hoisting. And I'm glad your hubby got the reference, every household needs at least one AOD/Evil Dead fan. I'm looking forward to the NYPL panel, and congrats again on the new deal. I definitely want to hear all about it!
At 12:30pm on September 26, 2007, Ken Isaacson said…
Hi Alafair,

Sitting here in Starbuck's, in Seattle (uh, I guess not Seattle's best coffee?), and saw you're online, so figured I'd say hello.

Heading tomorrow on to Anchorage. My first B-con, and looking forward to it! You're not making the trek, are you?

At 11:32am on September 26, 2007, Ann C. Theis said…
Well, you just made my guy's day (and probably month and year). My Mike (who used to resemble Gomez Adams in earlier times) is a major fan of you, your father and the fictional Alafair. As am I. Mike still has Robichaux bait hats/shirts I've bestowed upon him over the years.

all the best from Ann who hasn't read DEAD CONNECTION yet because Mike nabbed it.
At 9:18am on September 21, 2007, JackBludis said…
I'll bet you do like some, or at least one, of the other writers named Burke.
At 9:03am on August 31, 2007, David L. Hoof said…
Just to let you know that messages sent me on crimespace have not all been getting through. Should you need, use
Thanks. Hope all is going well.

At 3:39am on August 19, 2007, Karen J. Laubenstein said…
Hi Alafair! Can understand why you can't roam the world attending mystery conventions, and maybe after the hectic summer travel you'll find teaching a respite? Our son is just starting first grade, so we'll head down the Kenai Peninsula this week to have our last camping trip of the season, staying in Homer overlooking Kachemak Bay. Just noticed our birch trees are already starting to turn color and it's only mid-August! Wishing you the best-
At 1:50pm on August 17, 2007, Karen J. Laubenstein said…
Wish you were coming to Anchorage for B'con!!! I want to read this book after reading your bio today, truly intriguing! I really like Samantha Kincaid and read JUDGMENT CALLS. Your books almost made me want to go back and try law school (smile). Good job!
At 12:24pm on August 17, 2007, David L. Hoof said…
If you are as I very much suspect the daughter of Jim Burke, I need to tell you how much I appreciated his terrific note wishing me best on Little Gods. We first me one on one in Mysterious Books in Bethesda, on a tip from my agent Philip Spitzer, then again when he spoke at the Smithsonian. It's only in my last novel that critics have compared my lyricism with his.
Thanks for your friendship,

At 10:25pm on August 3, 2007, Ken Isaacson said…

Good seeing you at your Barnes & Noble signing last night in NYC. Ellie Hatcher seems like a winner.

Looks like I should've bought three instead of just two--my wife scooped up the copy I'd allocated to our household. I guess the intended recipient of the second copy will have to wait till I'm done.

Or do you think I should buy a third copy? :-)

At 4:19am on July 28, 2007, Brian Thornton said…
Glad to hear that it went well, and thanks for the congratulations. Since this was a ghost-writing gig on a topic about which I am actually woefully ignorant, it was more of a relief than hitting most of the other deadlines I've met in this business.

But you're right: hitting the end of a book does feel pretty danged terrific.

At 4:19am on July 27, 2007, Brian Thornton said…
Hi Alafair- Sorry I didn't catch your signing in Bellingham yesterday. I hit my deadline and turned in my latest draft and that was it for me for the day. The next time you're out here signing let me know in advance and I'll see about getting you some pub with the local chapter of MWA.

Hope it was a good signing!
At 8:24am on July 25, 2007, Eric Stone said…
Thanks back. I like your books. I keep thinking we'll run into each other at one of the conferences or bookshops or something. Sooner or later we no doubt will. The picture, by the way, is maybe the only picture ever taken of me that I like. (And it's only about a year old.) It's at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi - which seemed like a good idea for a book jacket.
At 8:46pm on July 18, 2007, Brian Thornton said…
Yep, Seattle's hot (for Seattle) this summer, that's for sure. I'm on a book deadline for this Tuesday, so assuming that I get it handed in on time, it's not outside the realm of possibility that you'll see me in Bellingham next Wednesday. At which venue in Bellingham are you signing?
At 1:03pm on July 17, 2007, northwoodsgirl said…
The best of luck to you on your new book I can't wait to read it.Have fun on your tour. I hope you go to some interesting places.

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