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At 9:25am on January 29, 2008, David L. Hoof said…
You may not have noticed but Little Gods is turning up in English all over the world, from New Zealand through Europe to Canada. If you've read it, do you think it might be right for Scandinavian translations?

At 2:43am on January 13, 2008, Douglas Quinn said…
Douglas Quinn
Author, Editor, Book Reviewer

12 January 2008

Dear Family/Fans/Friends/Readers

Please join me in the first week of my Virtual Book Tour. Beginning tomorrow, Sunday, January 13th, writer Brenda Kay Wynn will publish an interview with Douglas Quinn on her webblog site at (click on the following or cut and paste into your browser) www.chronclesofelydir.spaces.live.com.

You are invited to go to Brenda’s site, read the interview and comment and/or ask questions. I am looking forward to responding to your comments and queries.

The interview will be posted throughout the four week tour. Weeks two, three and four will have different articles hosted by and posted at other webblog sites. Would love to interact with you along the way.

In addition, each time during the four week tour you leave a comment and/or ask a question your name will be placed into a drawing for a Free Signed Copy of Blue Heron Marsh.. Hope to see you all there.

Douglas Quinn

P.S. Please feel free to forward this invitation to your own email address list. The more people who participate, the happier I will be.
At 11:01am on January 11, 2008, Rick Mofina said…
Olva - thanks for the kind words - sorry for the delay. Yes, I hope the endorsement from Hakan Nesser helps -- he's is a superb storyteller and a very very kind man.
At 6:46am on January 7, 2008, Olav Guldbrandsen said…
Don't worry, your book was a new years gift good enough. And yes, suddenly this lady-writer from Nashville, i think, pops up with a hello in fluent norwegian. she even tells me she grew up in Grefsen, a cosy residential area in Oslo. - What about you? Anything new and exciting happening to you and your writing in the new year?
At 1:46am on January 5, 2008, David L. Hoof said…
Forgive me for not wishing Happy New Year before.
Happy New Year.
It looks as if you have someone corresponding with you in Norwegian. At least I hope it's Norwegian. Certainly she thinks its Norwegian. How awkward it would be if you had to tell her it was Swedish!
At 10:37am on January 4, 2008, David L. Hoof said…
Hi, Olav
Glad the book arrived. What a miracle the mail moves at all in an age of terrorism. Enjoy the read.
All Best,

At 9:06am on December 31, 2007, Cara Black said…
Happy New Year Olav!
At 3:44am on December 26, 2007, David L. Hoof said…
Little Gods is en route to you.
Have a Thor-ally great holiday.

At 6:39am on December 17, 2007, Rick Mofina said…
Hi Olav - welcome aboard my books are published in Norway - by, I hope I spell it correctly, schibsted forlagene.
They do quite well there and my newest work just received and endorsement from Hakan Nesser,
Rick Mofina
At 4:58am on December 12, 2007, Tom Cain said…
Sadly Granny Ebba died some years ago (though I have commemorated her in my next Samuel Carver book, in which a woman with her name, appearance and character appears). So I can't call her this Christmas ... But I am very glad, and very touched that you enjoyed The Accident Man. It was an absolute b*gger to write - it's nice to think that the effort was worth it! (The second one's even harder, by the way ...)
At 2:35am on December 12, 2007, David L. Hoof said…
Olav, hi again
Here are the addresses from the web for Cappelen Damm:
(1) Fridjof Nanses Vei 14 N-0055 or
(2) PO Box 35Q Sentrum N-0101
both in Oslo. Let me know your preference.
Also, I have been in Norway twice, as mentioned, and seen, beside Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger. The fjords are magnificent on a clear day.

At 1:06am on December 12, 2007, David L. Hoof said…
Thanks for your feedback. From the web I got two Oslo addresses, for the separate publishing houses before the merger to Cappelen Damm. Which one should I use to send you a copy of Little Gods?

At 8:19am on December 11, 2007, Douglas Quinn said…
Hi Olav: Never been to Norway. Is mystery/suspense and crime fiction big there? I writer mystery and suspense novels.

Douglas Quinn
At 6:08am on December 11, 2007, David L. Hoof said…
Hi again, Olav,
As promised, I have turned my bookshelves upside down and come up with the following. Writing as David Lorne, the Danish edition of Sight Unseen appeared as Blind Jagt (approx translation 'Blind Hunt') from Bogsamleren, Copehagen. That was the publisher.
At 5:34am on December 11, 2007, David L. Hoof said…
Hello, Olav,
It was my novels Sight Unseen and Blind Man's Bluff that got published in Dutch and Danish. I'll get those publishers to you. Recently our house was repainted and our library packed away, so my wife knows better than I where those books are. Right now Little Gods is up for Scandinavian rights in toto. Sorry for being unresponsive, but domestic chaos theory is working hard against me. Soon.
Thanks for your interest,


If your mailing address is complete as given, may I use it that way?
At 2:33am on December 11, 2007, David L. Hoof said…
Olav, my friend,
My first novels were published in Danish and Dutch but not in Norweigian. Maybe this is a break!
Welcome aboard. I've been to Oslo twice and loved it.

At 2:17am on December 11, 2007, Joseph Finder said…
Glad to hear I'm so well taken care of in Norway, Olav -- thanks!
At 12:14am on December 10, 2007, Timothy Hallinan said…
Hi, Olav -

Translating Willeford sounds daunting. There are lots of writers whose overall impact relies less on their prose style and more on (say) their plotting and characters.I'd think they'd be easier to translate.

My books are like Burdett's in that they're about Bangkok, but the perspective is quite different. My protagonist writes a series of "insider" guides called "Looking for Trouble" -- in Indonesia, the Phillipines, Thailand, etc. So he's street-smart. He's living in Bangkok, trying to assemble a family from a Thai woman who used to dance in Patpong and a street child whom he's most of the way through adopting. Unlike Burdett's hero, he has no Thai blood, no official status, and his understanding of Thai culture is far from complete -- something he comes up against in most of the books.

I've lived in Thailand off and on since 1980, so I know it pretty well, but I don't think farangs, or foreigners, are ever completely admitted to the club.

Read A NAIL THROUGH THE HEART -- I think you'd like it.
At 10:18pm on December 9, 2007, a g bennett said…
Will be sure to send you a book if it's successful.
But no matter, success or not, I am happy to continue doing what I love.

Keep reading, my friend, and bring the world closer.
At 9:05pm on December 8, 2007, a g bennett said…
Hi Olav,
The snakes here are harmless if you leave then alone- they are probably more afraid of us than we are of them.
You should make a point of visiting Oz sometime- there's nowhere like it on Earth.

I used to consider myself a jack of all trades but now mostly concentrate on crime, fantasy and comedy.
My first book was somewhat dark and brooding and my second, which should be released next year, is more crime and fantasy based. Other projects in the pipeline.

Have been concentrating on mostly comedy of late to cheer myself up and forget about my bad back.

I believe one never stops learning and refining their style and ideas.

I don't watch much television but like your favourites.


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