Sidc Chance is lured out of self-imposed exile still angry about unfounded accusations of bribery that ended his career as a small town police chief. When he takes on a new role as private investigator, at the behest of ex-cop friend Jax LeMieux, he becomes mired in the case of an old chemical dump that has contaminated the water supply in a small community near Nashville. Also a former National Parks ranger, Sid doggedly pursues the polluter, but somebody is out to halt his investigation. People related to the case turn up murdered, and someone blows up the guest house behind Jaz's mansion. Is the man responsible for the toxic spill dead or alive? Is Jaz's problem related to Sid's investigation or the abduction of her housekeeper's grandson? And are the people responsible for fouling Sid's reputation somehow involved in this troubling case?

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Location: Nashville, TN


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Comment by Chester D. Campbell on June 8, 2009 at 1:42pm
I just uploaded a video trailer for The Surest Poison, the first book in my new Sid Chance mystery series.

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