I like to read, but I generally nod off as I'm too exhausted!
Anybody else?

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Take a hot bath with sandlewood oil and a good book. Or if I am really jazzed, turn on some music and dance around the house... as long as I am alone since I have no sense of rhythm and look like a complete dork!
Ooh I feel like a real dead head now. hmm a hot soak! glad I asked. Dancing? I'm not too sure about--the dogs would howl (laugh)! but thanks!
Mine do. They look at me like I've lost my mind! And they are right, it's something I NEVER do in public.
really? that's funny. you should see what they do when I try to do sit ups! it's a gas!
At the risk of being labeled "one of those types," I always have to exercise after a long sit. But I also get my most creative ideas when I'm working out, so it recharges my brain for the next writing session.
that's very energetic! Never tried that. I usually just skulk away. good reply, thanks!
Often I listen to what we shrinks call the maternal introject--my mother's voice in my head--saying, "It's a gorgeous day, you should be outdoors!" In the city, a slow run around the Central Park reservoir. In the country, sometimes a beautiful run near water, but sometimes more like a nice nap in the sun in my back yard. The couch in my apartment is good for napping too. :)
very good! thanks Elizabeth!
I'm usually too wrecked to step outside (I walk the dogs first thing so that's my going out time usually)
I too, hear my Mom's voice in my head. "are you warm enough?" --"drink something, eat something" and so on! I'll second the couch option. I try to read afterwards but it's a ruse I think so I won't feel guilty if I fall asleep for twenty minutes!!
sounds good! even the cigar (love the smell)!
What a nice, concise answer! Hmm. sounds good, why didn't I think of that?!
A good writing day includes both a morning and afternoon session. An okay one— just the morning, sometimes research, sometimes the old-day job. After the morning ( 6-10;30 mostly) I usually walk around the neighborhood for a while. After the afternoon one, (12-3) I'm toast, couch-bound, remote in hand—typically mystery related or the news. Oh, and now and then I actually have a life and go out with friends, etc. Seeing movies mostly.



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