UPDATE: I'VE SHOT (BY FIRING SQUAD) MOST OF MY "NODS")! -Any suggestions for words other than "nodded?!"

I try not to write about someone having nodded I really do--but are there other words similar to that head motion that someone can perform to denote agreement?! What I keep picturing are those doggie toys that people stick in the back window of their cars that keep shaking their head, DON'T WANT THAT IMAGE.
Anyway, if you can help me, please feel free to HELP me!
thanks guys.

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Good suggestion. it's interesting because I had collected so many advice books--and one or two or more kept warning about "said," but I found that to be wrong, for me. It didn't feel right to never or rarely ever right it. so I went back to it. not in each and ever lilne of dialogue, but you know. thanks Patricia.
Interesting. I was critiqued recently for getting to diverse with dialog tags, not quite 'Tom Swifties', but moving dangerously close. I started watching my favorite authors to see what they were doing bu cause I couldn't remember how they handled it. I found to my surprise that 'said' was overwhelmingly used. I realized that 'said' is one of those things, like punctuation, that just disappears unless one is consciously looking for it.
I know! I've been doing that all weekend. Had a good weekend and read two books and I've noticed that said is used a lot also. AND GUESS WHAT?! ED MCBAIN USED NOD A FEWTIMES! YAY!!!!
I think the thing is not to use too many saids or nods-to load it up, but of course, we can't get self-conscious either, because that won't be good. thething is to read as see what the big guys do!
I don't think Raymond Chandler reported anyone nodding. It's just too damn bland. It's one step up from "he breathed." Try a different beat altogether, even if it's nose-picking, something that characterizes.
Excuse me while I have some fun with this.

"He tapped the bottom of his chin until his head changed angle."
"His whole body inclined around the axis of his neck."
"He swivelled his skull."

Seriously, I think Eric has the right idea. Either delete the nod or add a different action. I also find that I use 'walked' just as much.

You really don't have to relate most mechanical actions to the reader, they'll fill the gaps in with their imagination.
You can have fun with this! it's a great release for me!
HE SWIVELLED HIS SKULL, now Daniel--! THAT'S what I call good. I love it!!!
I was hysterical yesterday with what people were telling me about this, different words.
But as you say, I don't really need to relate most or a lot or too many mechanical actions. gaps get filled.
Thanks a lot Daniel.
Oh ERic! I love that! you know that's a good point. I have my fav Chandler omnibus that I re read every so often, but I wasn't in this predictament. i will re read and well, Eric! As for nose picking, that's a riot. thanks!
I absolutely love you guys! If I'm feeling a little blue I sign on and immediately I'm laughing and smiling. Thanks a million! Plus you guys give such great advise.

I know! I mean it's so true. I loved skull swiveling from Dan Hatadi and well, the nose picking is sooo interesting too! the mind boggles.
Not to complicate things, but I wouldn't use "nodded" or any replacement for it. Try to think of a more interesting response from your character that pushes the paragraph (and the story) ever so slightly ahead. I think writers fall back on "nodded" and similar words when they they they have to fill in a beat, and they wind up dragging down their stories. Just my 2 cents, though!
thank you, I noticed that those sorts of words are used very rarely, so you're quite right. in one 87 pct novel I just read--McBain used nodded once or twice and frankly I didn't like it! I will take your advice and cull the others I might have given reprieves to.
Good idea! Some writers tend to fill up their prose with a lot of nodding, sighing, taking a sip, taking a bite, blinking, pausing--it's like a personal tic-fest! Once you see it, it gets so annoying, you have to put the manuscript (or heaven forbid, the book) down! I try to stomp out those "fillers" when I do a second draft.


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