UPDATE: I'VE SHOT (BY FIRING SQUAD) MOST OF MY "NODS")! -Any suggestions for words other than "nodded?!"

I try not to write about someone having nodded I really do--but are there other words similar to that head motion that someone can perform to denote agreement?! What I keep picturing are those doggie toys that people stick in the back window of their cars that keep shaking their head, DON'T WANT THAT IMAGE.
Anyway, if you can help me, please feel free to HELP me!
thanks guys.

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you are so right! the hysterical thing is, I never realized just how many tics and stuff I was putting in, but now that I'm aware, I find when reading back stuff it sounds far better.
thanks Kathyrn! like maybe even professional!
One doesn't swivel his head in agreement, that would be a disagreeing motion, IMHO.

He tilted his head down in agreement.

Bowing his head in agreement.

or simply He agreed
what's IMHO? I'm an american who has resided for so long in the UK that I don't get stuff like that! btw like he just agreed. thanks for that.
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

Sometimes I think we worry about this stuff too much. I will sometimes have a character nod, take a sip, or do some innocuous act to designate time spent bewteen what what he just said, and what he's going to say, to keep the flow of the dialog more realistic. Once I wanted to move things along and just said "he agreed," or something to that effect, and a member of my writers group jumped all over me for telling instead of showing.

There's no pleasing everyone. Use your own best judgment. After a while, things will just start to look right as they fit your style.
thanks! so that's what it means! I thought at first it was like the HMO's you know the medical stuff? good grief, okay now I know.
I agree. Used sparingly--and then after awhile it starts to look right and or wrong to me. but at least that means that I can begin to differentiate.
No there is no pleasing everyone. Was just reading a Matt Scudder novel (Lawrence Block) and he used nodded twice in one paragraph--so judgment will have to be used by me.
thanks, as always Dana!
Chat slang is used allot online or when texting on cell phones. It could be useful in a story as a clue.

Next to the body lay a cell phone with text showing on the screen. Something like that.

Here's a site that has chat/email slang definitions.


I have no affiliation with the site, I just googled it. JIC, "googled it" means I searched on google for acronyms used in chat. hmm, JIC means Just in case.. uhh Hmm means hmm.
I don't think there is any reasonable substitute for nod. If it is used too often, that's bad. If it isn't, it's just fine because it creates an easily recognizable image.
thanks you're right. Used too often it's not good. but it does create a good mental image. Every thing I read now, I'm noticing those sorts of words.
Appreciate your reply Dick!
thx! You know, I especially appreciate knowing this--as I never knew most of this slang.
Great! I copied the page for future reference.
really appreciate it.


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