If you could be any character in a novel, who would you be?

I scare myself sometimes because I think I might be the errant, homicidal wife in Double Indemnity, plotting to kill her hubby for money. Don't judge--I had a crummy first marriage!
Or on the other hand, it might be fun to be some femme fatale that Phillip Marlowe gets mixed up with. Maybe Velma from Farewell My Lovely or perhaps Vivian Sternwood from the Big Sleep. Yes, my absolute favorites are in the golden age period.
But having said that, perhaps in more recent novels, I wouldn't mind being Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect, that tough as nails Senior Cop lady.
Anybody else have an ideas? Favorites?

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NORMIE! HOW YA DOING? How's your Mum?! Doesn't get out much anymore!
Great answer! Yeah, you could be the shepherd and you could push that sheep detective over a cliff!
It's fun to think about it. I find myself wanting to be a murderess! that was my first choice.
you get the prize for Norman though! top marks, but absolutely!
and let's hear it for havoc and mayhem!
Travis McGee. Let work be only a sometimes interruption to retirement.
so good and true too!
yeah! Modesty! Fab. Hey I also forgot about the Bond girls! hmmm!
Carole, have you read Linda Richards' Death Was the Other Woman? I think you might like it....
I think so too. Just going to order it. It sound like muh kinda book!
Thanks John!
Most of the characters in crime fiction that I enjoy are far too flawed/miserable/violent for me to want to actually BE them. But I love reading about them. Not quite sure what that says about me! If I had to pick, then I want to be Richard S Prather's Shell Scott. He has a great life - lots of sex, if he gets beaten up he bounces back immediately, and he's got a great sense of humour.
sounds good! I think with me, it brings out some other dark side of me--or perhaps my imagination, you know? but hey! your character sounds very interesting! thanks!
Inman, in "Cold Mountain." Except I'd skip that long walk home at the end of the book, and head north, instead.
very good! thanks, will check that out.
you wouldn't want to be a famous Detective?! or a P. I.? and have gorgeous "dolls" throwing themselves at you?! saying things like, "Gee Mike! Let me light your cigarette!" or "Sam, that Bridgette O'Shaunghessy (sp) is here again--and she looks very lonely!"
Okay, so I get carried away!
Head North! Good for you! A Yankee, huh?! Meet too!
myron bolitor in any of harlan cobens books....I just love his smartass ways.
Let's hear it for smartasses! s.a.'s of the world, unite!
I will definitely check those books out. sounds good. I like that sort of thing.
I happen to love the line in The Big Sleep (in the film, not in the book however) where Vivian Sternwood's kid sister plays up to Bogart when he comes to see her father.
He resists her attentions and then says, "That kid tried to sit in my lap, only I was standing!"
thanks Mike.


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