I just finished reading Stephen King's On Writing - which is a part CV part How To guide. He specialises in Science Fiction, but most of his advice to wanna-be authors is about style and form which can be applied to crime fiction. He also offers tips on how to keep focused on the job and avoid writer's block and stale characters. It helped me a lot.

So, I was wondering - what was the best How to Write book you've ever read? Why was it helpful? Have you even read one before?

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I agree! Her book is great and her 4 Arc system is a great way to organize the structure of almost any novel! Thanks for bring up Carolyn Wheat and her book.

Susan (home to much nicer climes and temperatures in New Orleans)
It's 16 degrees outside her in Jersey. I'm very jealous.
How high are the snow drifts?? :)

OK, OK, I feel your pain. I talked to my daughter in Boston last night. She said high temps would be in the teens, snow arriving on Friday.

Meanwhile, here in New Orleans, I actually had to turn my heat on!! Temps in the hi 30s this morning.


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