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And what's worse:  My sister lives in Chicago.  She says that the driving routes the main character takes are totally impossible.
I'm happily working my way (sometimes back) through books from SheKilda Guests of Honour - so I've just read Overkill and The Ringmaster by Vanda Symon - and now I'm about to start on a couple of Shamini Flint, as well as Caryl Ferey's Zulu and Wake Up Dead by Roger Smith (the last two not being SheKilda guests but books I want to read).  That leaves me with Containment and Bound by Vanda and then I think I'm caught up until I can get hold of more of Margie Orford's books).
Christopher Fowler, WHITE CORRIDOR.  This is nonsense masquerading as a humorous mystery.  Very little makes sense about the plot, and the writing is mediocre.
Dean Koontz, what the night brings - have not enjoyed the first 30 pages
Just started the Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly. Figured I'd better read it before I go see the movie.

'Lincoln Lawyer ' and 'The Brass Verdict'  are very good books. I liked the meeting up of Haller and Bosch, this was a good move for these books, in spite of what other contributors here think .

I've also just finished Patrick Lennon's 'Steel witches'  a really gripping thriller, possibly  the best second book I've ever read ! 

I've only read one Connelly book - The City of Bones - and wasn't overly impressed. Are his others better, as I keep hearing he is really good?


Personally I've just finished my signed copy of Dexter is Delicious (Jeff Lindsay was at the Perth Writers Festival here in Australia recently) and am just starting on an Aussie crime author Leah Giarratano. Leah is a psychologist and apparently all the characters and ideas in the books are pretty much real, despite being fiction. Plus I met her at the writers festival and she is really nice.


I haven't read CITY OF BONES so I can't compare, but I've read THE BLACK ECHO (Harry Bosch) THE POET (Jack McEvoy) and A DARKNESS MORE THAN LIGHT (Terry McCaleb & Harry Bosch) and enjoyed each one. This is my first Mickey Haller novel.

THE LINCOLN LAWYER is my favorite Connelly.  I'm not too crazy about the Bosch novels, and don't care much for the excursion into serial killers of THE POET. But everything considered, Connelly is deservedly famous.
Try Trunk Music. Also the stand-alone Void Moon is fantastic, involves heist at a Vegas casino, seriously cookin' female thief, and surprisingly sympathetic villain.
What the night brings is now on the back burner. Not much happening there. Just started Blood and Bones by Bob L. Morgan. I have read all of the John Dark books. The toughest PI around and the poor guy is always involved with something of a Spec-Fic nature.

Thanks for the tips guys!


I've just started an Aussie crime author's book. Watch the World Burn - Leah Giarratano.


Met her at the Perth Writers Festival, really nice and very smart lady.


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