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I didn't get past page 50. People kept telling me you have to "stick with it". If the book is any good you shouldn't have to.

I agree totally with Tim's comment about 'sticking with it ' .  As I've sometimes said, "life is too short for dull books ! " . There are simply so many good books around now.

I've been getting more picky lately and try to scan through at least the first chapter of authors new to me before buying or taking from the library. - Of course I get unlucky sometimes, but not as often as I used to.

Regarding some of the other comments - Crais is very high on my list and so far am gripped by everything he writes - particularly 'The  Sentry ' 

Tried 2 of Jo Nesbo's but couldn't get past the first chapter of each .

Very strange, Charlie. I ordinarily love Robert Crais' books but was utterly disappointed with The Sentry. Maybe it's the dispassionate Joe Pike that I don't like. Even though he's supposed to care about the woman, I find it hard to believe. It's just too too laid back. Understate? Maybe. But to me, there's no emotion there. 

I have to say, despite all the hoo-ha over the Larson books, I've not felt the urge to try them. Maybe that's my loss? I do have a bit of a soft spot for Jo Nesbo though. I have his latest offering on my shelf, sitting patiently in line. It's been by-passed by practically the whole Robert Crais Cole/Pike collection (mild crush on the main characters going on), but I'll get to it around autumn time I think.

At the moment I'm on Carl Hiaasen's Skinny Dip. I got a job-lot of his books on ebay.

I have some signed Nesbo from his attendance at the Perth Writers' Festival.

Crais has just been added to my shelf in a big way. Bought his first three Elvis Cole books. Can't wait!

i'm slightly green with envy that you have some signed Nesbo :) 

i LOVE Crais. i read an interview from him somewhere that if you wanted to get into the Cole/Pike books to start with LA Requiem but i started with The Monkeys Raincoat and then went to LA Requiem. Hasn't spoilt anything for me. i need to save some pennies and get all the others inbetween!

not that i'm obsessed, but i also saw a youtube clip of him reading from The Sentry. liked that a lot :)

I have the first three: Stalking the Angel, Lullaby Town and The Monkey's Raincoat. I started with Sunset Express.

Either way I'm a fan. I like the humour in the story, it is something I'm trying to use in my own writing.

I bought his LA Requiem after I talked to him at a writers conference. I had already read Hostage and the Three Minute Rule. He's a very nice guy, encouraged me to keep writing. I like his Elvis character. Joe Pike, not so much. He leaves me cold.

Read DEVIL'S STAR by Nesbo and thought it a thoroughly bad thriller with far-fetched and unbelievable clues displayed in typically sensational manner.  I refer to the red diamond stars (surely an impossibility to cut a diamond into a star) left on the victim's eyeballs by the serial killer.. Come on!

I'd forgive him a little bit of wild imagination ;) I think i prefer to have a little bit of "is that possible??" in fiction. Isn't that what it's about, to a certain degree? I read The Leopard whilst on a flight to Germany and the "PING" for the seat-belt warning nearly made me hit my head on the roof I was so engrossed. 

I'm currently reading Bleed For Me by Michael Robotham. I've not read this author before and his book was recommended to me. I'm 55 pages in and enjoying it so far. Robotham has a nice writing style and the book is interesting from the first page.

Hi Jen, - Please keep us in touch about your final impression of 'Bleed for me'  - It's the only Robotham that I haven't read, and I've found his style seems to change according to the main character. - I love his  Vincent Ruiz books, but can't seem to get into others like 'Bombproof'.

BTW if you end up liking his books - try these authors as well  - Patrick Lennon , Mark Billingham, Stuart Pawson, Jim Kelly. All excellent British crime writers


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