Hello, friends. I have some proud news to announce: my serial killer thriller Blown Away was named Best Debut Mystery of 2006 by Romantic Times Book Reviews. I got an e-mail from the publisher this afternoon telling me. To say I jumped for joy is to understate jumping :-) Here's hoping it does good things for Cut to the Bone, the sequel that launches worldwide in June, also from Kensington.

Shane Gericke

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Shane, congrats. That's big stuff.
Congrats Shane! That's fantastic!
That's terrific, Shane! Congrats!
Excellent news, Shane.

Ooh, and you added an attachment. I haven't even tried that yet.
Excellent news, Shane! Congratulations.
YAY SHANE!!!! Good for you, arch-buddy--I'm so proud!!!!!!!

Are you going to Texas?
Shane, my apologies for calling you Sean before. For some reason I had Chercover in my head. Jeez.

Anyway, CONGRATS on the RTBR honor. I'm sure it'll do wonderful things for both books.
Hi, Robert--Hey, no problem on Sean, honest. That darn Chercover sneaks into everyone's brains! Thanks for the congrats ... and here's hoping you're right on the book boost. It sure doesn't hurt going into negotiations for my next book contract with Kensington, right?
Sorry. I'll get out of your head now.

Joey: "Shane! Come back!"
Well, my source for mystery (and other) books, the Well Red Coyote in Sedona, AZ is out of stock of your book but I'm on the list to nab one as soon as Kris gets them in--keep hearing great things about this book. Congratulations! I can't wait to get it myself.
I have the feeling this is only the first in a long line of awards for you, Shane. Keep jumping.
Harry, Sandra, Laura, Daniel, JD, Cornelia, Robert, Carolyn, Nikki and Jack, you're now on my "Must Buy A Drink Cause Yer Cool" list! Seriously, thank you for the congrats. It means the world, coming from fellow authors. Getting huzzahs from mom just ain't the same :-) I know Harry from speaking at some of the same events in 2006--he's a standup guy and you'll all like him if you get the chance to meet. Cornelia, we're all pulling for you to win the Edgar for best debut ... and yes, I'll be in Texas to pick up the RT award. Coming in Thursday and leaving Friday afternoon due to work obligations--but if you'll be there, be sure to hunt me down! I will do likewise. Everyone else, I can't wait to meet you at a con, fest or other event. Thanks again!


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