Bartender, I'll take a Bon Voyage please. Best drink I've ever had.
Now, down to business.
I'm fishing for promo ideas and so my question is:
What has been the most productive promo idea or tool you'ver ever used?

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Hey Scarlett. Best thing I've done so far was send Mystery Scene magazine a piece for their "New Books" section about the idea behind my novel. Editor Kate Stine like the piece, asked me for a nice picture, and ran it for the issue that hit the stands Feb. 15--the day my first novel came out. That same issue of Mystery Scene was in bookstores for three months. Sold me some books, and gave me something to send out with my books to reviews. Timing was great.
My best promo tool is a small folder with the covers of my three Greg McKenzie mysteries on the front, plot info on the inside and bio on the back. When we do a signing, my wife hands them out at the entrance to customers who say they read mysteries. She points them to my table nearby. I also put them out at conferences and other places. I have a page on my web site that explains how to make them. Check out
My wife's sewing skills have earned me a fair share of kudos - In the past, I've given out handmade handbags and pouches to reviewers, editors, etc - always well recieved. Here's a sampling of some of her stuff:

She's also done polo shirts for CrimeSpree and baseball caps for SinC.


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