I tried to search members to find out, but that didn't seem to work, so I'm trying a forum post!

I'm from Chatham, in industrial north Kent - not the pleasant Garden of England part. My speciality is crime fiction locations, which is why I set up my WhereDunnit website - www.wheredunnit.com

Who else is from the UK?

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I'm originally from East Kilbride, Scotland, but my family and I now reside on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. I left Scotland waaaaaay back in 1976, and lived in Calgary, Alberta, for more years than I wish to admit, but finally found my way back to the sea ;-)
I'm from Glasgow (although originally from Cambridgeshire). Great idea for a site - I shall have a good browse tomorrow!
I'm from Gloucestershire (originally from the West Midlands!) And your site sounds very useful!
I'm a north east seasider - sunny Sunderland, to be precise. Nice to meet you!
I grew up in Kent: Herne Bay for the first eleven years, and then a field in the middle of nowhere a few miles outside Canterbury for the next seven or so. Moved to the north-east though, and now I'm also in sunny (well, sea-fret shrouded) Sunderland.
When I was little, if my nana had decided we were going to the beach for the day, we went, irrespective of the weather. More than once I sat on the sands at Roker or Seaburn listening to the foghorn, the 'sea-fret' so dense I couldn't see the traditional seaside sarnie (egg, tomato and sand) squashed in my grubby little mitt. Seasiders - no wonder we're so tough!
Apparently, in the rest of the country, there's been this big yellow thing in the sky in the last few days.

It's the people I see surfing off Roker that make me think tough. Mad. Both.
I used to live in Chatham!!! In the old red light area, near the hospital. Edward Street. We were so poor we were in an official poverty zone and only paid £12 poll tax per year or something ridiculous. It was great - if bizarre!

Am actually an Essex Girl (Dedham), but now live in Surrey - near Guildford. It has less litter than Chatham did ... Anyway, nice to meet you, WhereDunnit!


I'm in Lancashire - originally from Gloucestershire. Great to meet you. Must go and check out the Wheredunnit web site.
Hi, I'm originally from Manchester, have now ended in Merseyside. Just checked out your site - very handy :)
Hi - great web resource

I have lived / worked while in the UK, in Oxfordshire, London, Essex, and Cheshire, studied in the US in the 1980's in Wyoming and Colorado, also worked / lived in Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Holland and spent a few years in the Middle-East [at various oilwells and refineries and ports] - Currently live in a house in Cheshire at weekends and a flat south of the Midlands during the week -

I'm originally from East London and have gradually moved further east. I've lived in Southend for the passed 9 years.
Have you been to the Dickens theme park in Rochester yet?!


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