Hi! I'm a new member and I'm looking forward to enjoying your discussions of all things mystery.
Is anyone going to either the Harrogate crime festival or to Scene of the Crime on Wolfe Island? I haven't been to either before, and am feeling a little intimidated about my first visit.

I hope I've posted this correctly....

Jane in Toronto

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Hi Jane - I'm going to Harrogate and it'll be my first time too, Mind you, I don't have so far to travel as you do - just a couple of hours drive. Be nice to meet up while we're there, if you fancy. In fact, there's a whole bunch of Crimespacers going - I'm really looking forward to it! Cheers, Jools
Me too on Harrogate - and looking forward to it. We shall have to have a Crimespace get together.
The get-together sounds great! I'll look forward to meeting you there!

Hi Jools, I'm delighted to have someone to meet up with! I'll be staying nearby at the Cedar Court, but will be at the writer's day on Thursday and at the conference all weekend. Looking forward to seeing you there ! I'll try to post a picture, when I find one that is vaguely recognizable, so you'll know what to look for :}}

Jane, I attended the last two Harrogate festivals, but will be missing this year. However, I stayed at the Cedar Court first year - nice hotel. The atmosphere at Harrogate is wonderful and you'll have a great time. Donna is a lot of fun to hang out with.

And Giles Blunt will be at Scene of the Crime - he's fantastic. Met him last year at Bouchercon. I'm sure you'll have a good time.

Sandra (raised in Muskoka, but living in the west these days)


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