I'm still sitting on the fence about going to THRILLERFEST in NYC in two weeks, and sitting there is getting painful. I wouldn't be on a panel, but it's great schmoozing time (I think). There again, it's $375 to register. On the other hand, I could probably stay with my parents for the weekend and not have to pay for a hotel.

Is it worth it to an author to go if you're not on a panel, and not selling books? There again, I've gone to conferences, sold zero books but made contacts that turned into things like invitations to contribute to magazines. See how I'm getting myself confused?

Anyone headed to Thrillerfest? Been to the previous one in AZ? Opinions?

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too expensive for me, but i know several people who are going. I'm guessing it will be a pretty good conference. many editors and publishers are standing back waiting to see if ITW can make it as a respected and legitimate organization, and I think having the conference in NYC was probably a good idea for that reason alone.
oh, and is it a picket fence? or a wrought-iron fence?

both of those would be really bad.
I'm going...last year my editor advised me to, but i have no idea if that was because 1)I'm local so it's not that expensive ..no hotel or air, or 2) she didn't know - as I didn't a year ago - that I will apparently go anywhere to promote my first book. (Although not Anchorage, it's a conflict with NEIBA which I think makes more sense for me.) The thing that's been chapping my butt about Tfest, is that the organizers don't seem to have published a regular schedule of events. Today was the first time I saw a specific agenda online for Craftfest, which I hadn't planned on attending. Have you found one?
Oh, it's a concrete fence, but the kind that has the glass embedded on top...
I think I have seen a full schedule, but the site is so convoluted that I've never been able to find anything twice in a row. That might be what finally makes the decision for me - if I can't find the registration page on the day I pull out the credit card, that's it.
I went to ThrillerFest in Arizona last year, and while I wasn't particularly excited about most of the panels, the technical experts were terrific. I posted my notes here. Looking back at them today, I see some really interesting stuff. Have to read them over again myself!
I'm going this year on the recommendation of my editor, who went last year.

I'm sorry to hear you all had a difficult time with the site. As a member, I've been plastered with emails with agendas for at least the last three weeks. I agree that the front page of the site hasn't been particularly user-friendly. I think the organization is having some growing pains, but I do get the impression they're trying to make things better as fast as they can.

There's star-power aplenty, but I'll be interested to see if Thrillerfest can match the fan-drawing expertise of Bouchercon.
I would be very surprised if this incarnation draws many fans - NYC is an expensive city and Thrillerfest has an expensive registration fee. Craftfest makes me think it's geared more toward the fledgling writer, like Sluethfest, but I'm not sure that's true.
Wow, those are some notes. Who spoke about the knife fights?
I'll be there, since I live in NYC to begin with. Otherwise.... Still, beats Alaska.
I'll be there. It's my first T'Fest... second convention ever.
I'm going, but it may be the only TFest I go to. Since I'm combining it with a family visit and another event, I'm willing to bite the bullet on what would otherwise be prohibitive cost. I'm a little anxious about how rulesy it seems to be. Sit here, stand there, say this, at least based on the emails from ITW.

On the plus side, I will get to hang with friends and probably make new friends. I know I will love that aspect of it. On the other hand, it's bloody expensive to register and it's set in the most expensive city on earth during the summer heat. I'm sure I will enjoy myself, but in the future, I expect to limit myself to BoucherCon and Left Coast Crime.


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