UPDATE: Daniel's now added the poll to the main Crimespace page. Either select from the options given or use the links at the bottom of the poll to add a writer of your choice.

After pondering this idea on my blog, I've decided to poll Crimespacers on who are their top three sexiest writers. I'll then collate the results into a definitive list.

Why? Because as this post by Kevin Wignall points out, publishers are often remiss in exploiting the marketability of their authors. This isn't about book blurbs or literary reviews, it's about harnessing the same shallow appeal that puts vacuous celebrities onto the bestseller lists.

As to what constitutes sexy, that's up to you. It could be down to the author photo or the appeal of their writing or simply because someone having the syllable 'wig' in their name turns you on.

Example response:
1. Jane Austen - All that repressed sexuality? No-brainer. [Polls as 3 points]
2. Ernest Hemingway - It's the beard that does it. [Polls as 2 points]
3. Britney Spears - Well, she did write a book with her Mum, but thinking about it, she then went wacko and shaved her head and that's not sexy at all... [Polls as 1 point]

Reasons for selection optional and this example selection wouldn't be valid, because for an author to be eligible they must have published a work of fiction in 2007 (this hopefully excludes all possibility of celebrity chefs making the list).

And, because this might not be as easy as it appears, you can nominate one or two writers, instead of the maximum three.

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Only if I can vote anonymously. That's all I need, for my wife to see my nominations.
Good point, I shall look into a way of allowing people to do just that.
Having visited Galley Cat, I was under the impression that publishers are already wise to that ploy. Not much of a surprise, if you think about some of their other decisions.
Kevin Wignall has one of the best author photos. Of course, I've also met him, and he is always teased for not looking anything like his author photo. (I never said that means he looks worse in reality - maybe he looks better. Don't assume!)

But that does make the point that there's a difference between photos and reality. Are we talking strictly photos here? When I did that classroom session in January something like 66% of the kids polled thought Ian Rankin looked scarier than the Hillside Stranglers.

And I have no fear of Evil Kev seeing my responses. I actually want to see who he nominates. But I'll be more motivated if you tell me there's going to be a calendar with the top contenders featured. ;)
No, don't worry about photos. Once we've got a list of names, I will try and find some photos and hopefully flattering ones and not ones that make it look like the voting public have a thing for those hillside stranglers.

And a calendar's not a bad idea.
I'm staying out of this one on the grounds that I don't want to incriminate myself :o)

After reading some of the things you've posted on your blog, that sounds uncharacteristically wise of you.
LOL. Cheeky wee besom. Actually Vincent, re Sandra's calendar idea, I can just see YOU as Mr February - posed topless on a snowplough...
I did do that once, but before anyone could snap a photograph I fell off and got ploughed into a six foot high drift at the side of the road. By the time they dug me out, many of my extremities had been lost to frostbite and much sawing of rusty saws was required to remove them. I won't be doing that again in a hurry, I can tell you.

I should also point out that one of the criteria is being published. Though I think I might have to drop the 'published in 2007' requirement, it narrows the options down too much. But hey, that means you're eligible!
Hahahahahahahaha eligible in terms of having been published but most definitely NOT eligible in terms of sexiness. However, I MIGHT top the poll for World's UNsexiest Writers. Me and Michael Fish and Ann Widdecombe maybe. The mind boggles at the thought of a rusty saw near your frostbitten extremities.
Oh man! I intend to meet the people on my list. How can I face them ,(without the benefit of a snootful of Macallans) and not be embarassed as hell?

Here's some hints. One's Irish, one's English, one's Canadian, one's a lesbian, and one's a very cantankerous Californian.
I believe I know the Irish, English, lesbian and Californian contenders. Who's the Canadian? ;)


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