how would you create a character that solves crimes solely by the use of his sense of taste?

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Make him immune to poisons and give a tongue that would make Gene Simmons jealous.

But don't make a medical examiner.

That might be in poor taste.

a poor tasting ME could be fun...but I have a blind protagonist I've been writing about so I'm trying to explore his other senses.

thanks for the thoughts.
You could have the murder weapon be planting peanut oil on something used by someone with an allergy to nuts. (or shellfish) Something like a reed from a clarinet or saxophone, and your blind detective could give the other reeds a taste test.

Other than that, I'm stumped.
You might find some ideas here.
It would seem that solving a murder through sense of taste would be dangerous to your protagonist, especially if he's checking for poisons. The sense of smell is intimately related to taste - and not as dangerous to your character.
I saw a documentary where a scientist in the mid 1800s had to taste suspected poison, in this case nicotine, to verify what it was. You won't see that on CSI today.
Wish I could remember the show or the case, but it was in England if that prompts anyone's memory.
Make the character have Lexical-gustatory synesthesia.
Nice! :)
Good one.

Make him a human lie detector, because lies taste different from the truth.
There are mysteries about cooks and restaurant judges. The latter might fit a blind person better. Of course, taste can refer to non-gustatory things.
These are all excellent ideas. Thank you. Now I'm tasked with figuring out where I want to go next with my character.
if the murder involved poison, does the charcter taste the urine feces and blood to solve the crime?
Is he/she an asskisser and bootlicker?
If your character has a stuffedup nose (smell is inperative to taste) they will be as useless as an old queen with a headcold.


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