I've begun reading Carl Hiassen and wonder what other people believe are the 'funniest' or 'most humorous' crime novels out there. Steve Hamilton's stuff is great as well, but I feel like I'm missing out on a bunch.
Any ideas?

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Ahh, good. I have one of the Elvis Cole books to read on my shelf. I started to read one from the library but it was overdue and returned it before I actually really got into it. So I bought another one so that it could sit on my shelf ready.


I've also been reading Shamini Flint's first book Inspector Singh Investigates. She has a nice balance of humour in her books. I only picked her books up because of how entertaining she was at the Sydney Writers' Festival. 

Perhaps I missed it, but I seem to be alone in adding Mr. Hammett's "The Thin Man" to the list. 

Crais also does it for me, but maybe becuz that's due to a friend comparing my work to his. ;o) 

I loved Dying For A Dance by Cindy Sample. A laugh on almost every page.

I chuckled my way through Death By Hollywood by Steven Bochco, the writer/ creator of NYPD Blue on TV. Not only is it a great crime caper but it also lets Bochco have an unrestrained rant about Hollywood and prima donna actors. Very funny.

I love Charles Willeford's books.  The humor is very dark, of course.  Miami Blues is a good example, and they film captured the tone of the book pretty well.  Willeford's sense of humor is best captured in his title New Hope for the Dead.

Tim Courtney is generally mentioned as similar to Hiassen.  Even wackier.  Out of Tampa, not the Atlantic coast like most of the S. Florida writer mob.

Okay, this probably won't qualify as the "best' humorous crime novel, but it's pretty damn good. Just finished reading Elmore Leonard's Djibouti. Plenty of dark humor, a twisted plot (Somali pirates) and a big boom at the end.  And you can't beat Elmore's dialogue

I've got a couple of Elmore's books to read. Just bought Raylan and have two on my shelf that are calling me.

Nice hat.

Well if we can do books that aren't "best" but still funny, I'd like to mention a newbie.  I was in an anthology with this writer, and her "Box of Rocks" is really funny and selling/reviewing very well.

It's a "humorous southern cozy mystery with AARP gals as main characters"  I was laughing at the video, and more so reading the book.

What's her name?

Ooops,  that would help, huh?  :-)

Karla Telega

I just realized I can post the video here.  I think

Spencer Quinn has written three books about a PI (Bernie) and his dog

(Chet).  They're written from the dog's point of view.  Very funny.





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