A friend of mine just mentioned a poorly trimmed and packaged copy of a book printed via CreateSpace. What has your experience been?

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I've ordered many books from Lulu.com, all with good print quality and very good packaging.

I have one book from CreateSpace, Ed Hulse's Guide to Pulp Fiction. Printing was fine. Packaging was adequate, but wouldn't have protected the book if it has been dropped or manhandled in shipment.

I have ordered 1000's of books through CreateSpace. Out of those I have found only one copy that wasn't perfect. On that one, the printing was off center on a couple of pages.

The packaging has always been outstanding and I have never had any damaged books.  And most of the boxes have been very large too. 

CreateSpace made some copies of one of my books for me, and the quality was excellent. The type on the title pages and other pre-story material is a tad off, but I'm 99% certain that's on my, not having it formatted precisely enough. Everything else looks great.

Thanks Dana and Jed. Is there any way to identify a CreateSpace printed book? Do you know if this is the printing vendor Stark House uses?

Createspace has done a fine job for me. I have a notion if something is off it happened during formatting.

Createspace puts its name as publisher on Amazon pages.

Thanks for the tip and your feedback, I.J.

CreateSpace only puts their name on Amazon, or anywhere including the books for that matter, if you are self-published. If you are Indie published, as I am, the name of the company, Dark Jetty Publishing in my case, is listed. NOWHERE is CreateSpace listed if you are Indie Published.

If someone is Indie published you don't know who printed the book.

That's a good qualifier, Jed. Thank you.

All my paperbacks are CreateSpace - had one problem with a mis-aligned spine, but a photo and email sent to them and they sent another one within 48 hours (to UK). Otherwise I've had no problems with them that I haven't had with any other trad-published paperback.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Debbie. Much appreciated.

I have only ever used CreateSpace and, after the first test copy they sent me that wasn't cut properly making the book off square, I've had nothing but good experiences with them. 

Thanks for noting your experiences with CS, Joe.


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