Could someone please tell me the value of setting up such a page? Also, is there a way to link it to one's Amazon listing? Thanks.

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Well, I went ahead and set up a facebook author fan page. I've gotten a very good response considering how long it's been up. I would recommend it.


I'm eagerly awaiting replies to your post because I have the same questions. I've been on FaceBook for some time now and I have two published mystery novels. Is it necessary/beneficial to create a FaceBook fan page too? If so, why?

When friends "like" your author page, an icon appears on their page. I've acquired new people who saw the page icon.


I would still like some conversation about the ins and outs, too, Patricia.

I have a Facebook author page as well as my personal page.  The main reason I created it was to keep my "friends" separated from my "fans,"  i.e. I wanted to be able to post information about my book and my writing without continually annoying my friends; with whom I have a more personal relationship.  

While many of my friends also "liked" my author page, and I'm happy they did, it was their choice and they can opt out if they wish.  Hopefully my author page will grow in popularity with my book (fingers crossed), and the author page will be something fans can use to keep in touch.

That was my rationale as well, Liam. Thanks for articulating it.


This has given me "food for thought." I understand Liam's rationale about separating friends from fans but I'm not sure at this point if that's something I want to do. Also, I belong to three writers' groups on FaceBook, which are separate from my main page. I can choose to post my writing activities there - and not on my main page - if I want. So, I think I'll wait awhile to create a FaceBook fan page. Thanks for broaching the subject.


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