Hi Guys,

Can anyone offer me some insight.  I'm writing a chapter that includes an attempted murder where a a person on a trail bike 'power slides' into a road bike.  The person on the road bike is knocked over a very steep incline and suffers broken bones etc.

I've tried various blog sites, and haven't found anyone who describes the sensations that happen to a person in those moments immediatley after the collision.

Anyhow thought it was worth a shot here - cheers Gaile

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Thanks Karyn,

Everytime someone replies I have more fodder for my accident scene.  How great is that! Ouch! for your friend, are helmets not compulsory where you live, or was your friend living dangerously?  Just read your profile info, sorry to read about your dog - we have had to do it twice it breaks me in two every time.  We now have a cairn called Cas (the boss, best breed we have ever had) and Jim a golden retriever, pardon I should say Lord Jim, he takes himself very seriously.  Cas is seven and Jim is nine.

Good luck with your writing, I'll look out for your books - cheers Gaile


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