Hey all,

I'd love input on possible title for a story about a lawyer who teams up with a dominatrix to solve his wife's murder by hanging.

Here's my top two:

1) Ball Gags and Body Bags

2) Hangman's Fracture

Other suggestions or welcome.

Too crass? Not intriguing enough?  It may be worth noting that the "Hangman's Fracture" is a medical term of art that applies to the wife's death.  Also, the dominatrix helps Lawyer torture bad guys, including the use of ball gags. 


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As both need translations, I don't see them as titles.

A few Ideas

1.  The main characters first names. Like Mike, Gloria, and Barbara (a play on Sid & Nancy)

2. Whip

3. Twisted Heart

4. What I've Done for Love

5. Love and Money

6. Mistaken

7. Unfaithful

8. My Wife, My Life

9. Lure

10. Dominated


Love Your Lashes

Dominant Traits

Whipping Up Murder

Bound For Murder

Maybe it doesn't matter... the right cover art will sell it.

(Just don't let PayPal get wind of it)

Passion Play

Play Passion

The Last Girl Scout

Like that last one.    They aren't your mother's cookies

Submissive Death

Submit to Death

The Big Sleep (uh, never mind this one)


The Big Whip?

Whip It Good?    Oh wait, that's been done

Cool Whip?

Dream Whip?

Majority Whip?

Whip Her Snapper?    Ok, ok, I get carried away.  (Thought not as often as I'd like)

Ha ha!  Very nice.  Actually, I thought that whipping was a little cliche.  In an attempt to brave (somewhat) new ground, I have the characters' preferred form of torture as electrocution.  In researching, (online only...) I've learned this is quite popular because the pain level can be easily adjusted and it leaves no marks behind.

Now that is shocking

Probably hair-raising as well.   But opens up so many possiblities

Ampfire Girls

Hot Seat Murders

Wired For Death

and such

A Slave to Death


A Slave to Love

The choke was on her

You must be choking

Good noose, bad noose

(The bad noose bears ... ? Nah, too much)

Enough rope

Dead weight

The Punishers

Torture most foul

In my experience you may not take to a title someone actually suggests, but it sets the little grey cells thinking!

LOL!  Good ones, Keith.   I have to tell you, if I saw a book called The Bad Noose Bears, I'd take a look inside.

I quite like Hangman's Fracture actually. Intriguing without being crude. A brief note before the book starts could give the definition.


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