How do you perform your research before starting a new book?

Well, title says it all. As I´m preparing to start writing my very first book I´m curious about what tools you guys are using when doing reserach. Do you visit the places you are going to write about and if so, what do you observe and how do you document your observations? Is there other good ways of research something than simply Googleing it (Google scares me)? Tell me every last detail, please...:)

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I don't do my research before I start writing. That would ruin the writing process for me. I do my research, if I need to, when I get to the part where I need it. For instance if there is a particular scene where I am going through some police procedure and I wanna research about it, I do it then, when I get to the scene. I use the Internet for my research. It's the best tool to me.

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I agree about what some others said. You don't always need to research. If you don't need to, don't do it. Just write the story. I think it's best to jump into the story raw unless the very first scene calls for research.

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I want to learn from the group how they set "traps" to trick some antagonists into making admissions.
Please, please, please. This is for a real-life trap. Any and all help is welcome! Online or off:

Did anyone mention Google Streetview? Oh my, what a wonderful research tool. When I found my main character walking down the street from here to there, I went into Google Streetview to see what she'd pass, how busy it would be, what might surprise her. It was wonderful. It added so much depth. Anyone else love it?

Never heard of it.  Thanks for the mention.  Will Google "Google Streetview."

For scenes, it's incomparable. You'll love it. II teach technology and my second graders get such a kick out of seeing the front of their houses!

I could only see the roof/roofs/rooves.

check the right sidebar, toward the bottom where it says 'layers'. Make sure 'Street view' is checked. Type the address you want in 'fly to'. The little cameras that appear on the screen show where Street view exists. Just double click them to go into the street. I've attached a screen shot tutorial. You can see my house!


Thanks for the attachments.  Well, I certainly shall try using StreetView again.  I shall be delighted if it applies to my locations . . . and saddened by disappointment if it doesn't.  Will let you know!

Just tried Google StreetView again.  The word LAYERS does not appear on any of the maps I chose.  So it is impossible to check off STREETVIEW, etc.  Maybe in another year's time.

I just tried Google Streetview.  It appears to  be useful ONLY for downtown of major cities.  Was of no help to me.  Worthwhile knowing, however, about it.  There seemed to be a bit of alteration of property.  I zoomed into my old house, from which I moved last year.    The roof line had been changed!!

No wonder Nicaragua made a mistake using Google Earth and trespassed on Costa Rican land.  Games are being played by Google folks.   A shame that credibility and reliability is diminished.

They actually now even cover hiking trails, but you're right, not every street in the world.


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