Just wanted to find out from other authors and book reviewers how a writer should respond to a posted book review. I am starting to get reviews back on my novel, REVENGE, and want to express to these reviewers my appreciation for their efforts. I try to respond with a thank you email, but what about the posted review itself? Should an author acknowledge on the book review post by saying thank you, for should an author stay in the shadows unless a question is directly ask of the author? What do you do, authors? What would like to see happen, reviewers?

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I always try to thank people, though there are sites that won't let you post unless you subscribe first.
Dan & I.J.: I posted this same question as a thread on Kindle Nation's writer's cafe. I am getting different points of view. I alway try to follow up with an email to the review, thanking them for the effort (regardless of the review). However, thanking them on their blog site--everyone has a different perspective on this. Thanks for your comments.

I suggest a case of wine to your reviewer if it's a great review, Mark!  Okay, okay, not the right answer. 


It's definitely a valid question and one that I think is important.  Your idea of a nice email thank-you seems appropriate, yet . . . it almost seems like there should be more. 


On the other hand, once the review's out there, I'd feel free to post the link with the review just about anywhere I could.  Would you agree?


Checking your novel, Revenge, right now.  Can you post a link for the review, or is that verboten BSP in this part of the forum?   





Here you go, Mary:

Sean Keefer--The Trust

Cheryl's Book Nook

Nike Chillemi--Crime Fictionista

Historical Fiction Obsessions


They can delete this if I'm breaking some rule. 

Thanks, Mark (just got your message). 
I always send an email thank-you, and for a particularly good review, I usually send a card, too. So few people still send real mail, that it seems to make an extra impression -- and I definitely want them to remember who I am when my next book comes out. So far I've stayed away from posting a thank-you comment in the review post. It just doesn't feel right, somehow. And  definitely wouldn't do it if the review was bad.

In this day and age, there are few things more potent than a hand written thank you card or note, mailed, using an actual, honest-to-God stamp.


I believe it is more impressionable than an e-mail or posting.

Or in any scenario, not just this one. Hand-written thank you cards will hang on the fridge or sit on the shelf for months. An e-mail or posting loses its effect in about an hour.


Still, sending traffic to a reviewer's site is why the reviewer did it in the first place. It's a good idea to do both print and electronic methods.

Benjamin, thanks.  I'm working hard to give thoughtful reviews and, yeah, I'd appreciate the traffic.  So . . . while a hand-written card would be nice, I just want more traffic.  Also, networking online is what's keeping me moving, so again, just send traffic. 

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

I've thanked one or two on Facebook but the thing is that now reviewers don't tell you when they post a review so you don't even know it's up unless you Google. If I know the reviewer and they gave me a good review and I happen to see them online, I thank them and tell them I am glad they enjoyed the book. But like I said, reviewers now don't even let you know when they've reviewed something. Even the reviewers you've talked to beforehand about reviewing don't even let you know when it's posted. *shrugging*. Most times I luck up on a review of my books.Also, reviewers take months or even a year to review a book and by that time, I don't even remember they were supposed to review it. LOL!

Best Wishes!


Stacy: One way i catch these reviews is by creating an alert on Google, using key words and phrases, such as your name, title of the books, etc. I don't catch everything, but I am always surprised what Google snags.

I don't send thank you notes to revierss that pop up on Amazon, B&N and others such sites. However, It has been help on this thread to see what other authors do regarding requested and unrequested reviews on blogs and related web sites.. Thanks.



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