Everyone says that visibility is the key to marketing and blogs and writing guest blogs are part of the process. Okay, so I wrote one guest blog and the blog host lost it ... or forgot I sent it or something ... and said if I resent it she'd find a spot for me NEXT YEAR. Needless to say, I declined. I did another guest blog, with a novel sample and sent it off and the host emailed me last night to say she couldn't open the attachments I sent.

My question: is anyone else as tired of doing guest posts as I am? Is there no other way to grab readers attention?  Yeah, I know, go to forums ... but it's so tiresome. Everyone's flogging their books.  Same thing on Goodreads.  I await your suggestions. Breathlessly. Desperately. 


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That sounds excellent John, but did it sell your books? Do have any stats for your sales after the Spring tour? Not wishing to sound negative, but I'm beginning to think about ROI, that is, return on investment. Name recognition is nice, but does it cause someone to buy your book(s)?

I too enjoy talking to readers ... recently did a talk at a library in Maine, had a great time ... sold 5 books and 3 of my CDs, and the bookstore associated with the library also bought 5 copies each of my 2 novels. However, the honorarium ($125.00) even after expenses of driving there, brought me more money than the book  sales. I love doing talks and am very comfortable interacting with with the folks, but it was an 8+ hour day.   

And that was 8 hours that I couldn't spend writing and editing my next book.



Hmm, my library likes me to do this free.  And I don't sell my own books.  So: total loss!
Sorry to hear it. This wasn't my local library. I got the gig thru the speakers bureau of the New England Chapter of Sisters in Crime. I've gotten a few that way. they don't all pay honorariums, but many do. SinC is a really worthwhile group to belong to in my opinion.

Today is Blog Action Day October 16, 2011. This year it coincides with World Food Day and the topic is Food. So I've put up a post on my Dark Deeds blog, yes, even there we can talk about ... The Last Supper

Death row inmates are customarily granted a final meal request before being executed. On September 14, 2011, Laurence Brewer [mug shot at right] was scheduled to die in a Texas prison. He ordered quite a meal ...

The Last Supper

Please spread the word: The official  Blog Action Day tag is #BAD11    [that's BAD and the # 11]

Prior to Thanksgiving, I'll be teaming up with a Bed & Breakfast to do a book-signing/charity event to raise money for their food pantry.  If you're an author, perhaps you could do a similar event. In any case, please consider donating to your local food pantry. There are a lot of hungry people out there.

And have a nice supper! 




Yep, I'm from Texas (Houston) and I remember the mixed reactions folks had about the guy's last meal. LOL!
I haven't reached the guest blog point yet but I look forward to it. Every part of self marketing gets way tiresome but it's still better than a day job. It's your life's work and you can do it from home. Gotta live by that.
I didn't mean to sound so bossy about it though...

Not to worry Raymond! We all do what we can do. My main point is that I don't have time to prepare guest blogs, and also that a couple of them that I did were either lost or messed up by the host. I enjoy  writing my own blog, a crime blog ... and hey, I just put up a new post if you'd like to check it out.   A GRAND-SLAM Obsession 


For what it's worth, here's my latest post to my DARK DEEDS blog ... if you're into baseball (hey it's World Series time) you'll like this one.

A Grand-Slam Obsession  ...

The first time Ruth Ann Steinhagen laid eyes on Eddie Waitkus she fell in love with him. In 1946, Eddie was the Chicago Cubs first-baseman. Sixteen-year-old Ruth Ann began going to Cubs games with friends. After collecting hundreds of newspaper pictures and articles, she built a shrine to him in her bedroom and often set an extra place at the dinner table for him.

When Eddie was traded to the Phillies in 1948, Ruth Ann cried and said she didn't want to live. Annoyed that her parents sent her to a psychiatrist, the 19-year-old got her own apartment. Knowing the Phillies would play the Cubs in Chicago in June 1949, she decided it was time to meet Eddie. She reserved a room under the name Ruth Ann Burns at the hotel where the Phillies would be staying.

She also bought a .22 caliber rifle at a pawnshop.

A Grand-Slam Obsession


Susan, I haven't really done a lot of guest blogs.

Also, I don't have a personal blog. I know I should set up one, but I never get around to it. This way I get to fully enjoy the experience of guest blogging.


James Fouche


Well, a website is the most important, but it looks like you have one. I've only been doing my blog for about 3 months. It's about actual serial killer, stalker and domestic homicide cases. I enjoy researching them. One inspired my first crime thriller. I enjoy doing it and get some interesting feedback.

I'm not saying I'll never do another guest-blog, but right now my time is so limited I just can't even consider it. Good luck with marketing your book!



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