If you've got a farncy e-reader, do you find you read faster or slower? Do you read more books now that you have one?


Everything I've heard is that this is the case. True, no?

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I have an iPad and have the apps for Kindle (favorite), Barnes and Nobel and iBooks and I love the digital reader. I have found I read books faster and I certainly buy more books.  It is so easy to buy a book on Amazon with the one click purchase, and I admit...it's hard not to click. LOL

Faster on my Kindle.


I actually just had a variation on this discussion with some friends of mine.   Our topic wasn't so much about the quantity of reading we did with our e-readers but the speed of our reading.  


For example, I apparently read nonfiction much faster on an e-reader...but I read fiction much slower.  Why, you ask?  I've no idea.  


I just don't want to be around when they develop the technology which allows entertainment to be injected into our veins.  As much as 10ccs of Elmore Leonard might sound nice, I think I'll stick with the words on the page. 

I end up starting more books. I have noticed that I download anything that makes me curious and if I do not like it I just delete it. This is because (a) it costs less than a regular book and (b) I do not have to wrestle with my reluctance to get rid of books (I tend to hoard anything in print).

The flip side of the coin is that whenever I really like a book I downloaded (and I mean, REALLY like it) I end up buying the printed version.

I read much faster on my Kindle than with a paperback and I buy a lot more books. The low eBook price also encourages me to try out more unknown authors and I've been pleasantly surprised.

I definitely read more. I love my kindle(s).

I have a kindle 3, and like the way it's faster to turn the pages, but I also like my Kindle Touch, because the touch feature makes it easier to get to the titles. It's a little slower at turning the pages. I'm hoping they can fix that eventually.

It's so much easier to bring my kindle with me when I go places, instead of lugging a book, or trying to decide which book to bring. If I don't like one book on my kindle, I can click and read another. I've got at least 150 books on my old kindle 3, and probably 50 on the Kindle Touch.

I still have print books at home which I haven't given away and hope to someday read them, but I'm not sure when that will be, since I love the kindle experience so much.


Morgan Mandel


I think I read faster.  I certainly read a lot more books, plus newspapers and magazines.  I can subscribe to periodicals on the Kindle, so I can carry them anywhere very easily.  I subscribe to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Onion blog, the New Yorker, Salon, Slate, The New Republic, and Newsweek.

It seems to me that not having to turn pages moves things along a little quicker.

Actually, I haven't really bought any books since getting an eReader (replacing my iTouch reader app)  Just the FREE ebooks out there could keep me busy for years.  Much less the upscale stuff that costs a quarter of what the book would cost.  

I definitely read fast on my kindle... though that's partially because the stuff I read are mostly page-turners anyway. 

So page-turners read faster without pages to turn.

That's just so zen.    :-)

heh, the kids will probably be calling them 'screen clickers' or something in the future


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