I'm learning about print formatting.  Those of you who have already mastered this, do you have preferences for fonts?  I've been trying to compare Century Schoolbook (12), Baskerville Oldface (14), Garamond (14) and Palatino (12).  I think Palatino may be a tad too modern for me, but all of them are clear at the sizes above.

Is there a "best" font and size?  And how seriously do they affect page counts?

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Sorry, TS.  Mind you, there are thousands of horror stories. I always find some new ones when the subject comes up.

OK, book signings don't really belong here.  Where you sign matters.  How large your share in the sale is matters. How much trouble and expense you incur matters. Whether or not you hate it or love it matters. Whether it's an ego thing for the author matters.  I've signed at Bouchercons and in B&N and in some independent book stores. None of these were worth my while and I hated them. Publisher really don't care one way or another, provided they aren't paying.

You do what works for you.

Now there's a plan.

I'm not sure where book signings "don't belong".  

I mentioned them as a reason to have a print book to support your ebooks.

Is that OK?

If it is, I'd say that my take on signings from the first time I thought about them was that if you're not famous, doing them in a place full of other authors and other books is a mistake.

Like passing out free food or perfume samples at a store or something.

My people do them in coffee shops, bars, resorts.  They create an event where the venue makes money without having to take a chunk of the book sales.

They get several writers together and make it an event that gets press.

So maybe if you did it right, you wouldn't hate it.

Nah.  I'd hate it.  :)

That would be my guess.

So I think I'd amend your  idea that any signing in any form is "overrated" to something like, signings not done smart by people who hate them are probably not worth doing.

Those who can make it work are going to need a print book to sign.


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