Hey Guys,


Do we have any rock climbers in our membership? 


I need my very strong male character to throw a rope over a pipe, about fifteen feet high that is suspended from the ceiling.  He then needs to hoist himself up, stop at a midway point and be able to use his hands to disarm a bomb.  


So the rope obviously has to be looped around his waist and some sort of pulley system (tied with knots, cause it's not something you would have in your pocket) available.


So, is this at all possible - or not even probable, ie in fictions great stretch of reality?


All input greatly received - thanks Gaile  

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I Googled "Rock Climbing" and found a number of interesting sights, including http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_climbing.

Hey Brian,  thanks for your link, much appreciated.  Have already input some info - cheers Gaile


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