I've really been noticing this in crime movies lately, especially what i guess I'd call call post-Tarantino caper movies like "Smoking Aces" 

You see the same scene repeated over and over, maybe from a little different angle, or maybe with some sort of cinema effect razzmatazz.

I saw one that could have been pretty good, except maybe 60% of it was duplicating the same scene.

I don't think anybody does this in books. That would be REALLY pointless.  But maybe somebody does.

So maybe this is just some sort of fad like turning guns on their side or flying kung fu.  But what do you think about this.

Does it really add anything to see the same series of shots five times?    Or is it just an indulgence.

And maybe it has nothing to do with writing.  But maybe it does?

I just saw Hugo (Wow!) where some things get repeated, but they aren't the same scene and the context is totally different each time.

Any thoughts on this?  

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Homer Simpson (on plane to Japan): Why are we going, I hate Japan.

Marge: You loved Rashomon.

Homer: That's not how I remember it.

***   ;)

Usually the multiple POVs for the same scene are to show how different people saw it differently. It can work really well or it can fail badly. Like anything else.

Another thing I see sometimes that can work well or fail badly is when the action happens off screen and a few characters recount it differently.

I've used all these things in my books, by the way. Some people like them, some don't.


If you don't experiment with different things, you might as well be dead. Good for you, John.

(Recently watched RASHOMON again. It's still a brilliant film. I loved the bursts of insane laughter).

I remember Dean Koontz doing this in a scene in a book THE FACE (I think) and it really struck me as brilliant. Of course, Koontz could write grocery list in away I'd find engaging. I guess like anything, you do what you need to do to tell the story in the best way possible.


Thanks, you guys.

John, doing that Rashomon thing makes sense to me, but a lot of what I'm seeing doesn't do that.  Just different angles, or just replay for no reason I can figure out.  Or maybe show things a little different so this time you see the guy palming the knife or whatever.

And I see what you mean about using that in books.  I'm wondering if people would be as happy reading the same scene again as seeing it.  But different people telling about it wouldn't seem like a problem.  

Well, Cammy, one thing you can count on is that no matter what you do, some people won't be happy with it.

But will you be happy with it?



Oh, I'm sure if I did one I'd be just tickled pink, John.  :-)

I guess I'm having a hard time visualizing something like that in print.  But I will think on it.


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