G'day Crimespacers! I have an issue I'd like to ask about for my latest WIP.


I've got a character (Lieutenant in the Virginia Police) who's getting on in years and has now been mangled in a rather serious on-the-job incident. I might have gotten a little carried away because now the poor bastard is quite badly damaged. In Australia, he'd get early retirment since he's so close to the retirement age anyway although he wouldn't get as much super (our version of 401K). He'd probably have to go on welfare or something to make ends meet.


But since my character is American, I now have a technical issue. What is the retirement age for cops in America? Does the fact that his injury occured during an arrest mean that he is entitled to any benefits? Is he allowed to retire early (he's 54)? And, if he can't retire, can cops in America ease into retirement by switching from full to part-time?


These are my questions and I would appreciate the help. I don't need to know for the current WIP, but I mean to have this character in later works and he is pretty important - so what happens to him now will affect the rest of the series.


Cheers for your help guys!

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Hadn't thought of making him a desk jockey. My main characters an amateur sleuth who needs connections with the police, so a desk job would be a great way to keep my cop in the game.

- thanks Garry!


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