OK guys, I'm wide open here - my reading pile is low, and I need new stuff. I'm sort of partial to noir/hard-boiled stories, but I'll read anything that's well-crafted. If you're published and your book is likely to be in my public library (Austin, Texas - a pretty good-sized and fairly literary city), please recommend yourself!

Thanks -- MK

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My publisher, Five Star--a division of Gale/Cengage, is a library publisher, so you're likely to find their durable hardcover mystery books in your library. If not, they're probably available on inter-library loan. Here's a link to the website, where you can find a catalog listing all kinds of mysteries: http://www.gale.cengage.com/fivestar/

My own books are amateur sleuth mysteries in the Claire Hanover gift basket designer series. The first, A REAL BASKET CASE, was nominated for the 2007 Best First Novel Agatha Award, and the second, TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET, will be released in May. I recommend all of the Five Star mystery line, though, and I'm sure you'll find many to like in it.
Hey Minerva, If you haven't read 13 DAYS: THE PYTHAGORAS CONSPIRACY, give it a try. 13 DAYS is the story of a plot to sabotage oil refineries and the woman who must discover and stop it. WorldCat shows that yes, the Austin, TX library has a copy. ISBN is 978-1-933285-45-0.

Happy reading! Hope you get many replies.

L. A. Starks
As far as I know, Texas has been very good about stocking the Akitada series. Think murder in eleventh century Japan.
I.J., 'Dragon Scroll' is on my list!
I write about a hard-boiled homicide detective team who are working on four unrelated homcides. Too bad you won't find it in your library.
:( why not? Is it published?
Hi, Minerva,

I'm not sure if Faulk Central is near you, but there are two titles of mine in that library: 'No Tears for the Lost' and 'No Kiss for the Devil'. Not exactly noir, but there's a good body count in both, if that's any guide! They're part of a series (although you don't have to read 'em in order) featuring Riley Gavin, a young female investigative journalist, and her sidekick Frank Palmer, a former Royal Military Policeman.
I hope you enjoy them. If so, tell your friends!
I've published one hardboiled mystery novel about a female lawyer who runs afoul of the Mob while she's investigating a case in which a client has been accused of murder and may have committed identity theft, as well.

The novel is called IDENTITY CRISIS. It takes place in Maryland, mostly in the suburbs between DC and Baltimore. The novel is out of print, but I hope to get it republished. A few libraries carry it (not many). And you can find it on Amazon or BN.com used. For cheap.
Just to update this entry, this book has been reissued in print by Lulu.com. You can order it at http://www.lulu.com/content/3923913 and get 10% off until the end of August, if you enter the code README at checkout.

It's also available as an e-book from Lulu, Amazon, Scribd and Smashwords. The print version will become available from Amazon and other retailers within a month or two (they tell me).

That is all. :)
My police procedural, "White Tombs", was recently selected as Best Mystery of 2008 by Reader Views. It also won the Garcia Award for Best Fiction of 2008. It's the first in a series featuring St. Paul Homicide Detective, John Santana. It's available at the Faulk Central Library, Ruiz Branch, and Terrazas Branch in Austin. The second book in the series, "The Black Minute", will be published in September.
I really loved White Tombs and did a review on the book. I will be sure and put The Black Minute on my list for books to buy for sure.
My medieval crime novel RELICS (a Doubleday Book Club Selection) will be re-released this May; you might find the original 1993 edition in your library or library system.

A suspicious cathedral fire.
A stolen treasure.
A terrorist plot to kill the King of France.
Intrigue, betrayal, romance.
Another day in the 13th Century.


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