This is so strange. He doesn't seem right at all to me. What do you think of Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher? I can't seem him playing a "tough" character.

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Agree Stuart, Hugh Jackman or how about Jason Momoa, just needs a haircut - either, but if Cruise does it I'm not going.  I have joined Childs blog page to campaign against it - still, think it's a lost cause.


I thought you were kidding until I read the article. Reacher's physical presence and strength is so much a part of his character that I can't believe Lee Child would seriously consider Cruise right for the role. But I'm sure Child thought of that before he sold Cruise the film rights. He also thought of the money.

Tom Cruise just can't do the tough guy thing. Plus you would have to cast midgets around him to get the right physicality for the role.


Some interesting alternates mentioned. I don't know about Jackman, he could do it, but I'd always seen Reacher as a tough guy, not a pretty boy. Although Jackman did make Wolverine work.


I reckon Tahmoh Penikett is the guy to portray Reacher. He's reasonably tall, he has that tough guy look, he can really fight, and I loved him in The Dollhouse.

Cruise would be totally wrong for the part. Jack Reacher is SO not a Tom Cruise that it might may the movie a comedy.

I had to blog about this one. When I wrote it I completely forgot the excellent recommendation of Adam Baldwin.

No ,Please Lee do not allow it.

He has and will.


The worst that happens to him is people say the books are better than the film and he gets a pile of cash and possibly some new fans. The best that happens is that people love the film, he gets a pile more cash, and he gets lots of new fans.


And when Tom Cruise asks "Did I do good Lee?", Lee can pat him on his little head and say "Well done little fella!"

So, so wrong. Jason Statham should play Reacher. Or somebody similar.

I don't think Statham is a good fit either. He doesn't have that imposing presence, although he would be able to carry off most of the rest of the character nicely.


So he'd be a good compromise for the role.

Well, maybe I haven't read enough of the Reacher novels, but my take on Reacher isn't that he's physically imposing so much as simply indestructible. I know he's supposed to be 6-4 or something, but that never stuck, to me. His personality isn't 6-4.

Read some more Minerva, he's very addictive.  I always thought very tall, very muscular, strong and yes certainly indestructible.  The fight scenes imply  - physically imposing. I think Childs style of writing doesn't paint Reacher as a character of great intelligence, however I do think he is meant to have great compassion - the silent, brooding type. 

Now does that sound anything like Cruise.  I think it will effectively kill Reacher off, or the publics interest in reading further Reacher books.  Oh, did I mention I'm a fan!!!  

I don't like him as the choice for Reacher. For one thing, he's way too short. Not a Tom Cruise fan.


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