This is so strange. He doesn't seem right at all to me. What do you think of Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher? I can't seem him playing a "tough" character.

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Well Joe, I respect your opinion, - but can you really consider Tom Cruise as a new kid on the block ? About the closest he came to playing this kind of part was possibly the German colonel in Valkyrie.  - If you've read all or most of the Reacher books - can you honestly see Tom  in the part of a tough ex military cop ?

Charlie - by new kid on the block I meant that the producers should have casted for the kind of actor who could fill Reacher's shoes, and if that happened to be someone new to our screens then it would have been worth it. However, I realise Holywood had to go for an A-lister to guarantee success. I'm just glad to see Reacher being brought to the big screen at last!

Tom Cruise? You must be kidding! Seems to me that some directors do not bother to read the book(s).


I once saw Mind Prey starring John Sandford's Lucas Davenport. Lucas was played Eriq la Salle, a black actor. Now when you read Sandford's books, the last thing that comes to your mind is Davenport being a black guy.


Better choice for Reacher would be Daniel Craig.

In my blog post I pointed out the fact that Tom Cruise's company bought the rights. So Cruise wanted to play the role himself. I'd question his ego.

I saw somewhere there was a trailer out for this, but it was "no longer available." It seems like if Cruise were filming Reacher, we'd have heard something. Right?

EDIT: Well, I'll be damned:

Yep, the movie is out late December.

I blogged about the update here:

I watched the trailer and thought; Reacher walks, not drives.

I agree.  I recall nary a car, and when cars were involved, they certainly weren't driven that way.  I guess the prospective audience is conditioned for car chases.  I also don't much like the fight scene; it neither sounds not looks like Reacher.

I suppose I should add that Lee Child has created an image of the man by giving certain details about his appearance and manner that doesn't fit the movie character and scene.

I saw this trailer yesterday. Breathtakingly bad. This looks like it would stink even if we had no idea who Jack Reacher was.

Is it too late to replace Tom Cruise with a CGI dog?

Gotta agree, Dana. But it'll still make a million dollars. There's no justice.

A baked ham would inspire more menace.


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