Not crime writing, I guess.

But walking off on an advance from a publisher because they are "incompetent" at online marketing, then self-publishing caught my attention.

She seems to be toasted as a heroine in one place, refiled as  psycho in the next.

Anybody know anything or have opinion on this?

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You'll have to fill old codgers like me in on this hip stuff. The what now?

Anyone drawing this much press has to be bogus.

And that many names.

I think I'm pinching my nose closed.  Something stinks here.

If you've ever read the Writer Beware blog, you'll find numerous similarities between what this woman appears to be doing and what scammer agents do. I suspect that if you dig down deep enough, there probably isn't a rejected publisher out there, it's just part of her 'creative embellishments' intended to get people to view her as a heroine and buy her book.

The little voice in my head is chanting something about psychiatric disorders.


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