Who on Crimespace writes full-time? I'm very part-time, and consider myself lucky to have a complete product to send to agents/editors.

It seems most work a full-time job outside their novel ambitions. I'm one of them, although I work in magazine/book publishing (not related to crime fiction).

So who on Crimespace is blessed enough to write full-time?

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I write full-time. But let me say again that that doesn't improve productivity. I know that for a fact because I used to have a full-time job, and I don't seem to get much more done now. This is, however, less stressful.
Writers who make a living off nothing but writing their novels are damn rare to find. Yes, I suspect that are. . . . maybe . . . four or five in Crimespace who might be doing this. I would be surprised if the number was four, however. And near heart-attack levels if the number exceeded four.

There are a lot of professional writers out there. . . but that is all the various kinds of writing they do to earn a buck. Full-time (sucessful and money-making) authors are hard to find.
Umm. I didn't say I made a living off my writing. :)
I would gladly accept either of those scenarios.
I'll join that group!
I write full-time, but I don't make a living at it. When I did have a day job, I was a technical writer, but then children appeared on the horizon and something had to give. And I don't miss the tech writing much at all!
I used to be a stay at home dad, so I can testify you don't write full time. You're writing around your day gig, which is what most of us do. It's just that your day gig is "mother."
Hi, Thomas. I think most "Full-Time" writers, judging by the interviews they give, write at most 2 or three hours daily. When I was pushing against deadlines, I was able to produce 10-20 pages in about 4-6 hours, but editing was a devil! I'd rather move more slowly, working 2-4 hours on Sat and Sunday.

Thanks to the day job, I don't write during the week, just network and edit.

I'd far rather write during the mornings from Monday to Friday, and have my weekends off!
I make my living as a writer, but this is the first year I've been able to say that and it's also the year I turn fifty, so I feel it's been a long time coming.

And, most of my income comes from writing for TV, which isn't as difficult or as fulfilling as writing novels. Go figure.
Congrats, John! You are my inspiration!
In my dreams, Benjamin, I'm a full time writer.... HAHAHAHA! (NOT) Like you, I also work in publishing, but again, not related in any way to fiction, and I'm not a writer for the B2B mags. So for me, writing is a Part-Time expdition, but a full-time passion.

I dream of the day when I can do this full-time. It's all I've ever wanted as an occupation. (I have everything else my heart desires -- a decent home, a loving husband and children, good friends, and touch wood, pretty good health.) My one remaming goal in life is to become respected in this field. I have no delusions of grandeur, no aspiriations to wealth and fame. But to be accepted amongst my peers, especially in a group like this, and to write every day and make a meagre living at it would answer my one remaining life-ambition.

Currently, I work for a newspaper.

However, for two years in my 20s I wrote full-time from home, making more money than I've ever made. A lot of it was PR work and other business type writing, but it paid well.

Frustrated with my career, I am considering a move back in that direction.

I can say with full pride that I've published, I think, six pieces of short fiction, and made $10. :-)


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