You all know about Stephen King's new one in November don't you?


It's related here because it was a crime of the highest order (and King seems ot be breaking away from his usual paranormal horror safety zone.)


Anyway, it's due out November 8 this year and it's a good 1,000 pages thick too!


It's about a man who goes back in time and tries to prevent Kennedy from being assassinated.


I figured a few of you might not be aware and might want to mark the calendar



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Wasn't aware and don't care.  :)
1,000 pages? Jeez - does Mr King edit anymore?

I may read it.


I was a big fan of King years back, and consider Salem's Lot, The Stand, and The Shining to be truly outstanding books. Plus, he had several others that I thought were pretty good.  Also, to be blunt, very very few authors can rival him when it comes to short stories.


Through the 90's and beyond he lost me, however, he's regained my attention lately. I read and enjoyed Under the Dome and just finished - and enjoyed - Full Dark, No Stars. So, yea, I'll probably give it a whirl.

Clay, bang on. Everything you said.


I did enjoy 'Under The Dome.'

Anyone who's around in the North of England anytime soon might want to know that SK's UK editor, Philippa Pride is going to be talking at the Festival of Writing. ( I'm going to be there and am really looking forward to it.
Thanks, Harry. I'll look into this.
Just finished Stephen King's On Writing. Many good points made, although like anyone else, he is apt to break his own rules from time to time. I suppose that's difficult to avoid over the course of fifty or so novels!


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