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What's a genre you simply cannot stand and hate to read and definitely wouldn't wanna write? One you might not like when it comes to movies and television as well.

For me it's Sci-fi and Fantasy. I've always hated anything Sci-fi whether it was a book, television show or movie. I just don't like Sci-fi or fantasy. There are some movie exceptions but I've never liked any of the Sci-fi or Fantasy books I've read.

Just not my thing. I hate things that deal with outer space, aliens, flying creatures, LOL. I love mythology though and things dealing with the Gods but that's as close to fantasy I can get. Anyway, what's your most hated genre?

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My most hated genre is probably very detailed nonfiction history, and romance novels....perhaps mathematics or physics textbooks that even a rocket scientist would find obscure...and political rants by just about anyone.
perhaps mathematics or physics textbooks that even a rocket scientist would find obscure

You would actually even consider reading such books? :) I was lucky to get out of high school physics with all my wits intact! If you're not born understanding those things, forget it! As for history---it's the fault of writers who made it dull. I'm currently reading Barbara Tuchman's 'A Distant Mirror"---my 3rd attempt, and this time I am going to succeed I swear it---and it really is fascinating. But packed with detail! The thing is, as my hubby, who just finished it, pointed out---you don't have to remember all of it. The important thing is to get the Big Picture. Oh, and be glad we're not living in the 14th century! It might seem inviting in historical fantasy---in reality? Terrible. Yesterday I was reading about The Black Death....good god.
I´m not surprised you guys like Lord of the Rings as I realize my point of view is the opposite to a big part of the worlds population. It´s just all these strange names of characters and worlds...I couldn´t keep up and it became boring.

Oh, and I forgot another favourite hate-book that I haven´t been able to get thorugh. It´s a 700 page pocket about the Russian revolution, written in a non-fiction way with all the details and facts. Did I mention the font sice is approx 8? Nowadays, I just keep it in my bookshelf to impress people, if they ask me what it´s all about - I change subject.
It´s just all these strange names of characters

Like Frodo, Gollum, Gandalf? :) Those are the easy ones. The rest are based on ancient Celtic names, I believe. Something like that. So, you just have to sort of take it for what it is, and "go with the flow..." or not! You're allowed!:)

I can't think why anyone would want to read a 700 page book on the Russian revolution! I am reminded of my college history course....the text book on English History was just as thick, with pages as thin as toilet paper and a font size of maybe 6. And I used to wonder why I didn't read more history---something I've sometimes regretted, but now I know why.
Some teacher in high school told me that "The Gulag Archipelago" by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn was a very good and important book and everyone in the world should read it, so I carried around that brick for about 6 months trying to read it when I was about 16 years old. Most difficult book I've ever tried to read in my life. Even "The Golden Notebook" by Doris Lessing is easier. I only made it through half of "Lord of the Rings." Prefer more realism than LOTR, less realism than "Gulag."

I'm with you Sanna, Lord of the Rings is a place I would not venture.


Also, Political Memoirs, especially American Presidents, egad.

I feel like I"m in the wrong room. My favorite genre is the one the rest of you hate.
Of Miriam Pia's comment:
"I feel like I"m in the wrong room. My favorite genre is the one the rest of you hate."

I think "hate" was the wrong word to apply to this discussion, "like least" I believe is more appropriate.

I theory, I love fantasy and sci-fi. I fact, but I've rarely read these novels--except in the case of Stephen King--when I actually liked them. The best of this I just saw last night, "Avatar." It fulfilled the ideal of "in theory." (BTW the latest of King "Under the Dome" is an example of sci fi-fantasy that I can like--real except for a single major premise.)

I have not been able to read "The Ring Trilogy" or the Harry Potter books. I'm unable to break into a suspension of disbelief for them. Ironically, I do enjoy the movies, probably because it is easy to suspend disbelief when it is right there when an apparent reality is in front of you.

I believe writers can describe and recreate a reality only up to a certain point. I'm not sure I could have accepted a novel of "Avatar," and even if there were a book based on "Avatar" it could not possibly describe all that happens and I would be drawing on my memory as a viewer.

Back to "I hate" this or that genre. As I said a few months ago, I dislike romance with the classic plot: girl hates boy, girl begins to like boy, boy likes girl, something happens to damage their relationship, until finally, some crisis brings them back together.

But "hate" romance? Nah
Hi Stacey,

Yes you are like me I dont like Sci-fi and fantasy either. I also dont like horror. I like reading before
to sleep and that sure wouldnt help. I read one very good crime thriller latey called
'The Mesiah' by Boris Starling. its a good story but with some pretty gruesome deaths getting close to the horror genre in my opinion.

Best regards



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