Maxine Schmidt

71, Female

United States

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New England
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I'm currently a librarian in an academic science library. In the past, I have worked as a movie usher, carrot packer, geologist, health agent, and teacher. I am an avid crime novel reader, and, like most people I know, I have a novel (or at least parts of one) in the works. As I get older, though, the number of perfect victims has grown to an unmanageable size.
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Reader, Librarian
Books And Authors I Like:
Ian Rankin, Elizabeth George, P.D. James, Margaret Maron, Ellen Hart, Walter Mosely, Ngaio Marsh, Dorothy Sayers
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
I don't get out much, and we have the skinniest cable subscription we could get, so this is a short and dated list. Movies: Crash, The Maltese Falcon, The Matrix, The Thin Man. TV: the old Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Cold Case, The Simpsons, and Red Sox baseball.

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  • Evelyn David

    Hi Maxine,
    I enjoyed meeting you at ALA.
    Carrot packer, huh? Certainly there must be some way to work that into your mystery? Death as an allergic reaction to beta carotene?
    I live near Long Island Sound, but it's not the same as the ocean. Have you read the Philip Craig series set on Martha's Vineyard?

    Marian aka Evelyn David
  • Lyn LeJeune

    Librarians have a free pass into heaven. You are one of the pillars of a free society. My book, The Beatitudes, is a paranormal thriller set in New Orleans. It will be out in the fall and I am donating all royalties directly to the New Orleans Public Library Foundation. Libraries support the infrastructure of a great city, so I have started The Beatitudes Network to promote awareness of the importance of public libraries in NOLA.
    The blogsite describes the Network, has excerpts from The Beatitudes, recipes, and more. Merci mille fois. Lyn Lejeune.
    Writers, please pass the word…’s for a good cause….don’t let the libraries of New Orleans or the US go the way of The Great Library of Alexandria. P.S. just posted an excerpt on my Crimespace page.
  • Morgan Hunt

    A New Englander who knows Ashland! I lived in San Diego for 27 years and had never heard of it until 2004 when I visited. In less than 7 months, I'd moved here. It's the best kept secret in the US; reminds me of Sedona, AZ, or the way New Hope, PA was in the 70's. If you feel like it, tell me about your "novel in the works."